Green Sleep Raw Materials

Sleep, made easy

When it comes to designing a comfortable, quality mattress, Green Sleep understands that natural materials make all the difference. Which is why the Green Sleep collection has been designed with one thing in mind: the creation of a perfect, natural sleep environment offering purity, health, luxury and comfort.

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers the entire Green Sleep line both in store and online.

The Versatility of Rubber

Green Sleep’s Natural Rubber cores are derived from their very own tree farm. These trees have been bud grafted to create the North Malaysia 600 which, in turn, produces the purest, most elastic rubber on the planet; no synthetic fillers are added to core production.

Green Sleep natural rubber mattress cores start as liquid latex — the sap or "milk" of Hevea brasiliensis, the common rubber tree — harvested by independent farmers in North Malaysia. The natural rubber manufactured from this unique substance breathes easily and wicks moisture away. As a result, it never feels damp or too warm to the touch.

Green Sleep natural rubber also contours the body and retains firmness to provide even support over the long-term, superior durability and elasticity for mattress longevity, and enhanced air circulation for protection against mould and mildew.

Green Sleep natural rubber mattresses offer:

  • The highest possible rubber purity
  • The most elastic, durable, anti-sagging rubber with extra softness
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial protection, including against dust mites

Clean cotton. Clean conscience.

Cotton grown in industrialized countries is often treated with pesticides and herbicides, which are then absorbed by plants through contaminated soil. As such, Green Sleep only uses hand-picked organic cotton. No herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers are used to control plant growth, fight pests, or fertilize the crop. And no defoliants are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. The resulting cotton fibres are the cleanest, purest, most resilient available.

  • Incomparable softness for people with sensitive skin
  • Absorbency and breathability, which maximize air circulation and minimize perspiration
  • Free from chemicals, including fire retardants, and the consequent off-gassing that can produce fumes inhaled during sleep
  • Superior resiliency in shape, colour, and texture
Organic Cotton

Texel Natural Wool - Year Round Moisture Control

All wool used in Green Sleep products comes from Texel Island off the coast of Holland, where extreme environmental conditions produce a thicker strain of wool that offers superior durability, insulation and moisture control. Plus, the humidity regulating characteristics of Texel wool create coolness in summer and warmth during winter.

Texel fleeces are washed in hot water and vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals, or chlorine bleach) so that the resulting wool contains no processing residues and retains 4% to 6% lanolin, which is a natural dust-mite repellent.

Texel natural wool also provides these outstanding benefits:

  • Resilience in form and shape for comfort, longevity, and aesthetic appeal
  • Coolness in summer and warmth in winter
  • Superior absorbency: holds up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp (excellent for managing night sweats)
  • Natural flame-retardant
  • Certified pH Neutral (pH 7)
Texel Sheep