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We're a member of The Down Association of Canada

Home Organic Bedding & Mattresses

Organic Bedding & Mattresses

The Mattress & Sleep Company is passionate about organic bedding, mattresses, furniture and bath. We have partnered with carefully selected brands including Abyss & Habidecor, Crescent Moon, Green Sleep, Sleeptek, St Genève and TEAM 7 to offer their very best natural or certified organic bedding and sleep solutions.

Our natural and organic bedding products are environmentally friendly, using renewable and sustainable resources. Also excellent for allergy sufferers, as many of the raw materials utilized offer excellent hypoallergenic properties while also being extremely breathable and great for regulating temperature. Products such as natural hard wood from TEAM 7 also contribute to healthier indoor air quality.

Find a full range of the best organic mattresses, pillows, baby bedding, duvets, mattress pads, bath and more in this section dedicated to all things natural and organic. Should you have any questions, our experts are simply a quick phone call away, toll-free in Canada at 1-877-750-1212.

The Mattress & Sleep Company makes it easy to receive the healthiest nights' sleep.

  • Free shipping to most areas of Canada on orders of $100 or more.
  • Free mattress delivery to nearly any location across Canada with complimentary deluxe set-up included in Calgary & Edmonton.
  • The best organic mattress - Sleeptek, the makers of Obasan. Made in Canada from the highest quality organic mattress ingredients.
  • A vast selection of organic sleep products in our Calgary and Edmonton stores.
  • Industry leading before and after purchase price protection through The Sleep Sound Guarantee®.

Certified Organic Bedding, Bath and Mattresses in Canada

TEAM 7 Organic Furniture in Canada

Green Sleep Mattress Natural

Best Organic Mattress

Crescent Moon Organic Bedding

St Geneve Organic Bedding

Abyss Natural Towels in Canada

Sleeptek Euro IV Organic Mattress

Sleeptek Euro IV Organic Mattress

Certified organic mattresses from Green Sleep and Sleeptek, the makers of Obasan. Made in Canada.

We feel the word Organic is thrown around a lot in the mattress industry. When The Mattress & Sleep Company labels a mattress as organic, the decision is not taken lightly. We feel our definition of an organic mattress is of the most stringent criteria, which means many mattresses labelled "organic" by other stores may not appear in our organic mattress section.

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17% of our spine is in our neck. A quality organic pillow is key to a healthy night's rest. Our selection of organic pillows includes organic cotton, wool, alpaca and 100% natural rubber. Find a full range of comfort choices from a plush, "down-like" feel to pillows offering firmer support. You'll even find a few customizable pillows, allowing the sleeper to add or remove the filling to achieve the desired comfort and support.

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Crescent Moon Alpaca Organic Pillow in Canada

Crescent Moon Alpaca Organic Pillow

Berkeley Ergonomics Organic Pillow Top

Berkeley Ergonomics Organic Pillow Top

Organic toppers are the best choice for those seeking an entirely chemical-free solution. These toppers use raw materials such as alpaca fleece, sheep's wool, cotton and natural rubber. Organic cotton is grown without the use of agri-chemicals while alpaca and sheep's wool fibres found in these products were sourced from lands free of chemical treatments. The fibre is then processed to very strict standards ensuring a healthy pH-balance in the finished product. Natural rubber is made entirely of rubber tree milk and is not blended with synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene).

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The Mattress & Sleep Company certified organic wool duvets from Crescent Moon, Natura and Sleeptek, the makers of Obasan. Discover twin, double, queen and king duvets along with different warmth options and choices of sheep's wool or alpaca fibre. If you're not sure where to start, our best selling organic duvet is the Crescent Moon alpaca.

Shop Organic Wool Duvets & Comforters

Obasan Sleeptek Organic Duvet Comforter

Sleeptek Organic Wool Summer Duvet

Abyss & Habidecor Lino Cotton & Linen Towels in Canada

Abyss Lino Cotton & Linen Towels

Abyss & Habidecor offer an entire range of organic and ecological bath products made of pure Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton and genuine linen. Ecological cotton is a fantastic option gaining in popularity. Cotton seeds will sometimes produce natural colours including browns, reds and greens meaning that those wanting an all-natural option no longer have to settle for plain "ivory" in colour.

Shop Organic & Ecological Bath

Here you'll find a variety of certified organic baby bedding items from Natura, St. Geneve and even our own house brand, Everything from organic crib mattresses to puddle pads, duvets, bumper pads and more. Organic baby bedding is an excellent way to ensure your baby is sleeping in a safe and healthy environment, free of chemicals and toxins.

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Natura Organic II reversible crib mattress in Canada

Natura Organic II Crib Mattress

Organic cotton bedding