Green Sleep Pillows

Green Sleep organic pillows have really taken off in popularity. The unique Ergo 6500 offers natural shredded rubber filling with a beautiful zippered organic cotton cover, quilted with pure sheep's wool. This zippered cover allows the user to add or remove fill, achieving the desired amount of support. When we consider how many pillows the typical person might go through before finding the right one, the idea of buying one pillow and then experimenting with the support is often ideal for many individuals.

Green Sleep Natural Pillow

The Ergo 6500 pillow includes an extra satchel of filling material at no additional charge, allowing for an over-stuffed pillow without having to buy additional fill. Truly an amazing pillow!

Green Sleep Ergo 6500 Shredded Rubber Pillow

Green Sleep Ergo 6500 Shredded Rubber Pillow BEST SELLER

$198.00 to $248.00 CAD