TEAM 7 Lunetto 4 Drawer Chest

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With the lunetto night table and dressers, you can see from your bed how elegance meets comfort when the handle-free drawers open softly with just a light touch. Or take things into your own hands and select one of three different handles. As an alternative to drawers, you can also design the lunetto night table open with a shelf in solid wood or glass. And anyone who does not want to sacrifice absolute clarity in the morning can select the version with glass frame as storage space.

All TEAM 7 cabinetry is customizable. Depending on the specific piece, The Mattress & Sleep Company will work with you to alter dimensions, add/remove drawers and doors, add glass fronts, and much more. The examples listed on our website are merely pre-configured popular variants for the purpose of providing pricing ideas. These pre-planned versions are of course also available to purchase as-is, should you love it as shown!

Common changes made to Lunetto cabinets include double sets of drawers, such as two banks of 4 drawers, one drawer above a pair of doors, or an oversized 3 drawer side table. If you can think of a configuration that suits your purposes, it's very likely that it can be produced.

Walnut photograph above shows 3 standard height drawers and 1 double height. This version is available upon request.


  • Choose from a variety of solid European hardwoods
  • Three standard widths of 51.2, 81.2 or 101.2 cm
  • Standard depth of 42 cm
  • Standard height of 87.5 cm
  • Custom dimensions are available upon request
  • 4 drawers, all equal sizing
  • Double-height drawers available on request (an example photo above shows a walnut version with 3 single height and 1 double height drawer)
  • Add/remove drawers - made to measure
  • Standard with touch fitting, optional handles on request
  • Customize drawer faces with laminated glass, surcharge for each drawer faced in glass
  • Hand crafted in Austria

Wood Samples

Alder (ER) Beech (BU) Beech Heartwood (BK) Natural Oak (EI) Wild Natural Oak (EIWI) Cherry (KB)
Alder Beech Beech Heartwood Natural Oak Wild Natural Oak Cherry

Walnut (NB) Wild Walnut (NBWI) White Oil Maple (AH-W) White Oil Oak (EI-W) White Oil Wild Oak (EIWI-W) Moka Oak (EI-MO)
Walnut Wild Walnut White Oil Maple White Oil Oak White Oil Wild Oak Moka Oak

Venetian Oak (EIVE) Swiss Pine (ZI)
Venetian Oak Swiss Pine

Glass Samples

Bronze (BZ) White (WE) Sand (SA) Pebble (KI) Brown (BR) Sludge (SL)

Dark Brown (BD) Taupe (TP) Anthracite (AN) Black (SW)    
Dark Brown

Glass is available in any NCS Pantone colour code. A surcharge applies for custom colours.

Availability & Delivery Estimates

Each and every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is made especially for you in Austria. Please allow approximately 14 to 22 weeks from date of order to delivery.

Natural Wood Surface Finish

As early as 1980, long before the organic boom, TEAM 7 have crafted ecologically conscious solid wood furniture. TEAM 7 finish their wood surfaces with pure herbal oil and nothing else. There are no stains, lacquers or chemical constituents.

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