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Pillow Protectors

A pillow protector is very important and a must-have on all pillows. Pillow protectors are quite different from pillowcases. Protectors are typically dust mite, bed bug proof and sometimes even waterproof. Choosing the right type of pillow protector is easy. Just follow these steps!

Would you like to do more research? Our pillow protector buying guide has you covered, pun intended.


St Geneve Pillow Protector

Crescent Moon Pillow Encasement

  1. Good to know: All of our pillow protectors are Made in Canada from only Western European textiles.
  2. Need waterproof? St Genève's Secco pillow protector is perfect.
  3. Perspire a lot but don't want waterproof? St Dormeir by St Genève is perfect. It's wool lined, so it'll absorb a ton of moisture without overheating like waterproof protectors can often do.
  4. Dust mite allergies? St Genève's Stellmark pillow protector is dust mite, bed bug and down proof. Pure German-milled cotton, no chemical finishers. Our best selling pillow protector.
  5. Organic? No problem. Crescent Moon's pillow protector is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from Austria. It's dust mite proof, too!

St Dormeir Washable Wool Pillow Protector by St Genève
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$62.00 to $84.00
Labels: Terry Cotton, Wool Filled, Machine Wash & Dry
St Genève Stellmark Cotton Pillow Protector
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$19.00 to $59.00
Labels: Certified dust mite and bed bug proof pure German cotton. Best seller!
Crescent Moon Organic Cotton Pillow Protector
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Priced from $26.00
Labels: Certified organic cotton from Austria, dust mite proof.