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Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcezza

Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcezza
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Dolcezza by Green Sleep has been The Mattress & Sleep Company's best seller store-wide since it's introduction in 2010. Each layer of this top-of-the-range customizable organic mattress has been meticulously re-imagined in a softer variant than the previous generation Dolcezza.

The ultimate luxury organic mattress, Dolcezza offers incredible cradling comfort coupled with correct ergonomic spinal alignment. With two customizable layers, each sleeping partner has their individual choice from six possible standard firmness levels. The result is a mattress experience our customers are genuinely happy with not just today, but for years to come.

North Malaysia 600

North Malaysia 600 is Green Sleep's own exclusive proprietary process. Green Sleep's Natural Rubber cores are derived from their very own tree farm. These trees have been bud grafted to create the North Malaysia 600 seed which in turn produces the purest most elastic rubber on the planet. No latex or synthetic fillers are added to core production.

Green Sleep employs a fabulous cotton velour ticking to finish off the mattress. The cotton is hand picked, and certified organic. This cover is then lined with layers of certified pH neutral Texel wool (the only wool anywhere in the world to achieve this certification), to create a fully breathable mattress capable of wicking away moisture and providing temperature regulated sleep.

Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcezza Cutout

Looking for the classic Dolcezza? It's still available for a limited time, although visiting us in-store you will only experience the new plush version. Classic Dolcezza is approximately $100-$300 less than the new version, which is why you may discover this (older, discontinued) version for slightly less elsewhere.

Green Sleep Dolcezza Plush Product Details

  • Mattress layers (from top to bottom):
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton Velour Cover
  • 100% pure sheep's wool from Texel island in The Netherlands, quilted and hand-tufted to cover
    (1,225 grams per square metre / 36 ounces per square yard)
  • Texel sheep's wool is certified pH balanced (pH 7) - skin friendly for sensitive individuals
  • 100% natural wool fire barrier (no chemical flame retardants)
  • 9 ½" 100% natural rubber tree latex:
    • 2" Extra Soft Rubber (in Euro top cover)
    • 3" Custom Rubber Core (your choice of soft, medium or firm for each half of bed)
    • 3" Custom Rubber Core (your choice of soft, medium or firm for each half of bed)
    • 1 ½" Firm Rubber (bottom)
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton bottom cover
  • Additional rubber plates available for purchase
  • Made in Canada

Your Green Sleep Dolcezza Plush is suggested to match with the following foundations:

Green Sleep Certifications

  • Organic cotton is GOTS certified (certificate number CU820096GOTS-01.2013)
  • pH neutral sheep's wool is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified (certificate number 0812062)
  • Coco-Fibre is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified (certificate number 97.0.7937)
  • Wood is locally, sustainably sourced and FSC certified

Green Sleep Dolcezza Dimensions (Approximate)

Mattress Depth: 10 ½" 27 cm
Green Sleep Foundation: 6 ½" 17 cm
Green Sleep Foundation with Legs Installed: 14 ½" 37 cm
Dolcezza Sleep System with Legs Installed: 25" 64 cm

Not sure which size you need? Mattress Sizes - opens in new tab or window.

Additional Reading

About Green Sleep | About the Raw Materials | Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Mattress Comparison


Click on any image for a high resolution version.

Green Sleep Foundations

Normally the foundation or box spring component of your mattress set is an afterthought and not an important factor in the decision process. However, Green Sleep foundations are different. The S-200 and S-300 are ergonomic suspension systems, offering strategic benefits which a standard rigid slat system or box spring simply cannot offer:

  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Superior pressure relief
  • Longer mattress life

Think of a suspension foundation kind of like the suspension on a vehicle. With a normal rigid foundation, energy is transferred from the sleeper, through the mattress, and then when this energy hits the rigid foundation, the force is simply being sent back up to the sleeper. This means increased pressure, tossing and turning.

By acting as a shock absorber, the Green Sleep ergonomic bases are able to absorb and dissipate this energy into the base of the bed. Also, ergonomics are greatly enhanced as the flexible foundation is now helping to cradle the sleeper, further improving the capabilities of any mattress placed on top of these wonderful bases. In fact, The Mattress & Sleep Company often pairs a Green Sleep S-200 or S-300 with mattresses from other brands simply for the benefits offered by these special foundations.

  S-200 S-300
Primary Construction Untreated pure seasoned kiln-dried Poplar Untreated pure seasoned kiln-dried Poplar
Finishing No synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays No synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays
Fabric Upholstered in 100% Organic Cotton Velour Upholstered in 100% Organic Cotton Velour
or optionally:
Natural Flax Linen
Natural Chocolate Linen
Suspension System Wood slats & dowels on natural rubber tree latex Dowels on interchangeable polymer anchors
Suspension Characteristics Enhanced ergonomics, softer feel Excellent ergonomics, firmer response
Wooden Legs Unfinished wooden legs are included
(2 ¼" diameter | 10" height)
Unfinished wooden legs are included
(2 ¼" diameter | 10" height)
Wooden Leg Height 10" | 25.4 cm
(Height increase is 8 ½")
10" | 25.4 cm
(Height increase is 8")
Foundation Height 6 ½" | 17 cm 6 ½" | 17 cm
Foundation w/ Legs Installed 15" | 38 cm 14 ½" | 37 cm
Other Notes Compatible with standard bedframes & headboards Compatible with standard bedframes & headboards
Compatible Models Any Mattress Any Mattress

Product Care

Choosing to invest in one of the purest, healthiest mattresses available anywhere in the World is a wise decision. Let's ensure years of enjoyment by looking after our Green Sleep system with a high quality mattress protector.

St Dormeir Fitted Mattress Protector by St Genève
Green Sleep Vasilo Organic Fitted Mattress Protector

The St. Dormeir mattress protector features an all-natural terry cotton outer shell and is filled with pure sheep's wool to regulate temperature and wick away excess moisture. Fully machine wash and dry. This is our most popular mattress protector.


The Green Sleep Vasilo protector is the ideal choice for your Green Sleep mattress. It is crafted of 100% certified organic cotton. This cotton is finished in a jersey stretch, meaning it will fit beautifully over any Green Sleep mattress model.

Buy St Dormeir by St Genève     Buy Vasilo by Green Sleep

Your mattress protector may ship separately from your mattress.

Product Warranty

Your sleep system is covered by Green Sleep's 10 warranty. The Ergo Hevea series features an additional 10 years of pro-rated coverage for 20 years total. The Mattress & Sleep Company will act on your behalf in the event of any potential warranty claim.

4.9 out of 5
Verified Buyer
I'd actually give this bed a 4.9 out of 5, but since I can't, I gave it 5. The only reason I wouldn't say it's "perfect" is that it's just a big investment. But, after having 3 beds in the last 5 years this one has been absolutely amazing! We finally sleep well, and we like that it doesn't off gas toxic fumes. So happy that we will buy Green Sleep beds from the Calgary location when our twins are out of their cribs.
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In a word fantastic
Verified Buyer
It was a hard sell because it took some convincing to spend that much money on a mattress. I already have two $2000.00 plus mattresses in both my guest rooms that just did not offer me the relief that I needed so I was desperate. I am so glad that Ruth convinced me to try the Green Sleep Dolcezza. Words are inadequate to convey what it means to be able to get a full nights sleep, I just wish I had done this sooner. I guess sometimes itÂ’s true and you do get what you pay for. I highly recommend the product but also the sales person. Ruth was informative, understanding, patient, and at no time did I feel any pressure. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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Availability & Delivery Estimates

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Delivery times vary based on production capacity, availability of raw materials and shipping distance from Nicolet, QC.

Delivery Costs & Shipping Information

This item automatically qualifies for free delivery nearly anywhere in Canada. Deliveries in Calgary, Edmonton & most larger centres in Alberta include full placement and in-home setup at no additional charge. Deliveries to other locations are to your front door or a freight depot if you are remotely located.

For more delivery options please visit our large item delivery page or call Toll-Free on 1-877-750-1212.

Customization & Assembly

Many of our mattresses require some basic assembly when they arrive to you. If we're delivering locally where we have a showroom, this work is performed by our delivery teams. If we're shipping elsewhere, this assembly procedure is something you'll want to be prepared for, although the actual process of assembly is very straight forward.

There are six significant benefits to having a mattress which is delivered in smaller pieces:

  1. Instead of moving a large, awkward mattress in one giant piece weighing as much as 300 lbs, instead the mattress arrives in a few boxes which are much smaller and easy to handle.
  2. The mattress will easily find it's way up tight staircases. We often deliver king mattresses into spaces where a regular king simply wouldn't fit.
  3. Many of our mattress models may be customized with different firmness options for each sleeping partner. By having a mattress made with separate components, we're able to tweak the comfort to a very precise degree of success.
  4. If your comfort or support needs change in the future, you can either re-arrange the components already in your mattress, or we can replace them with different components offering different comfort and support characteristics.
  5. Thorough maintenance: Only by accessing the inner support layers of the mattress and flipping these layers can we truly maintain the mattress correctly over many years. Rotating a traditional mattress merely helps the top comfort layers settle more evenly, where-as flipping the support layers actually revitalizes the entire mattress.
  6. Individual layers may be replaced should they prematurely wear out before other mattress components. Also, no more guessing about where the wear and tear are taking place in your mattress. By taking the mattress apart, we can isolate the problematic component to easily solve common mattress wear issues.

The Sleep Sound Guarantee®

You can sleep soundly knowing that every product purchased from The Mattress & Sleep Company is brand new and has never been used or slept on. Mattresses, bedding and towels are personal use items and we believe you deserve to be assured these products are new.

More about The Sleep Sound Guarantee®