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We're a member of The Down Association of Canada

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TEAM 7 Nox Bed

TEAM 7 Nox Bed
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Availability: In-Store (On Display in Calgary & Edmonton in wild white oiled oak with wooden headboard) or
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The Nox bed with a Wooden Headboard instantly impresses. Choose from a wide range of solid, high end European hardwoods. Stability and the absence of metal are assured by complex, traditional wood connections.


TEAM 7. It's a tree story.

TEAM 7 Nox Bed Features

  • Nox is available in a variety of configurations:
    • Wooden headboard
    • Angled, leather headboard
    • Two inlay depths to suit a variety of mattress heights and aesthetic requirements
    • Three overall bed heights including futon, standard and comfort
  • Solid European hardwood construction with your choice of hardwood type
  • Traditional wooden joinery, no metal of any kind - healthy, and also easy to assemble or take apart
  • Non toxic finish of pure herbal oil
  • No lacquers, stains or chemical constituents
  • Complimentary slat system (mattress support) included in price:
    • Canadian spruce rigid slats
    • Upholstered in certified organic cotton & certified organic wool
    • Slats are Made in USA by Berkeley Ergonomics
  • To maximize the comfort and support of your mattress, consider upgrading to our genuine European suspension slats:
    • Flexible German beech wood slats
    • Slat system is of genuine European origin
    • Slats are bowed and act as a shock absorber to relieve pressure points and extend mattress life
    • Adjustable tension settings to adapt to any body shape, weight or height
    • Compatible with all mattress types
    • Suspension slats are assembled in USA by Berkeley Ergonomics
  • Each piece is made-to-order, allowing for any North American, European or custom mattress size to be accommodated. Queen and king are priced for convenience as these are the two most common sizes.
  • Made in Austria

TEAM 7 Nox Bed Dimensions (Approximate)

Bed Width   Queen:
  162 cm
203 cm
Bed Length   All Sizes:   211 cm
Headboard Height   HF - Futon:
HN - Standard:
HK - Comfort Height:
  76.5 cm
84.5 cm
92.5 cm
Frame Height   HF - Futon:
HN - Standard:
HK - Comfort Height:
  31.5 cm
39.5 cm
47.5 cm
Inlay Depth   Without slats installed:
With our slats:
  16.5 or 20 cm
10.5 or 14 cm
  TEAM 7 Nox Bed Diagram

What is an inlay depth? This depth is provided so that we're able to determine how high your mattress sits off of the ground, and how much of your mattress will sit inside the frame. To determine where the top of your mattress will sit off the ground, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Take the Frame Height (typically same height as the "footboard") - eg: 39.5 cm
  2. Subtract the Inlay Depth with slats - eg: 10.5 cm (Berkeley Ergonomics slats)
  3. Add the Height of Your Mattress - eg: 20.3 cm (a typical 8" organic mattress)

If we use the examples given, the top of the mattress would sit approximately 49.3 cm (19 3/8") off of the floor. Simply choose the appropriate Frame Height, Slats and Mattress to suit your individual comfort and style preferences.

Solid Wood Connections

TEAM 7 beds are assembled without the use of any metal. The complex wooden joinery is solid, yet is also easy to disassemble for a move to a new home.


Additional Reading

Nox Assembly Instructions
Sustainability Report (3.7 MB) | Service & Quality Certificate (2.3 MB) | Wood Care (1.2 MB)

High Resolution Photography

Nox Bed with Leather Headboard:

Nox Bed with a Wooden Headboard:

Nox Bed without a Headboard (Bed Base):

High resolution design details:

Click on any image for a stunning, high resolution example.

Wood, Glass & Leather Samples

Wood Samples

Alder Wood Beech Wood Core Beech Wood Oak Wood Wild Oak Wood White Oil Maple Wood


Core Beech


Wild Oak


Cherry Wood Walnut Wood Walnut Wood


Wild Walnut

Glass Samples

Each glass type is available in both gloss and matte finishes, with exception of bronze, which is matte only.

Bronze Glass White Glass Sand Glass Pebble Glass Dark Brown Glass Brown Glass




Dark Brown


Sludge Glass Black Glass Anthracite Glass Taupe Glass    





The Mattress & Sleep Company also offers glass in any NCS Pantone colour code. A surcharge applies for custom colours.

Leather Samples

Polar White Leather White Leather Antique White Leather Sand Leather Creme Leather Pebble Leather
Polar White


Antique White




Orange Leather Curcuma Leather Red Leather Bordeaux Leather Blackberry Leather Sludge Brown Leather





Sludge Brown

Brown Leather Chocolate Brown Leather Dark Brown Leather Black Brown Leather Taupe Leather Apple Leather

Chocolate Brown

Dark Brown

Black Brown



Anthracite Leather Black Leather  



Stricktex Samples

Vanilla Stricktex Blackberry Stricktex Brown Stricktex Sludge Stricktex Taupe Stricktex Silver Black Stricktex





Silver Black

Anthracite Stricktex Black Stricktex        



Fabric Samples

Team 7 sources their 100% pure sheep's wool fabrics from Kvadrat in Denmark. Kvadrat is Europe's leading manufacturer of design textiles.

Canvas 114 Wool Canvas 124 Wool Canvas 134 Wool Canvas 154 Wool Canvas 174 Wool Canvas 224 Wool
Canvas 114

Canvas 124

Canvas 134

Canvas 154

Canvas 174

Canvas 224

Canvas 244 Wool Canvas 254 Wool Canvas 264 Wool Canvas 364 Wool Canvas 374 Wool Canvas 414 Wool
Canvas 244

Canvas 254

Canvas 264

Canvas 364

Canvas 374

Canvas 414

Canvas 424 Wool Canvas 454 Wool Canvas 614 Wool Canvas 644 Wool Canvas 654 Wool Canvas 674 Wool
Canvas 424

Canvas 454

Canvas 614

Canvas 644

Canvas 654

Canvas 674

Canvas 684 Wool Canvas 694 Wool Canvas 734 Wool Canvas 764 Wool Canvas 794 Wool Canvas 854 Wool
Canvas 684

Canvas 694

Canvas 734

Canvas 764

Canvas 794

Canvas 854

Canvas 954 Wool Canvas 964 Wool Canvas 974 Wool Canvas 984 Wool Clara 144 Wool Clara 148 Wool
Canvas 954

Canvas 964

Canvas 974

Canvas 984

Clara 144

Clara 148

Clara 184 Wool Clara 188 Wool Clara 244 Wool Clara 248 Wool Clara 384 Wool Clara 388 Wool
Clara 184

Clara 188

Clara 244

Clara 248

Clara 384

Clara 388

Clara 544 Wool Clara 548 Wool Clara 884 Wool Clara 888 Wool    
Clara 544

Clara 548

Clara 884

Clara 888


Availability & Delivery Estimates

Each and every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is made especially for you in Austria. Please allow approximately 14 to 22 weeks from date of order to delivery.

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