Natura Organic Dream Mate Pillow

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Product Description


The Organic Dream Mate pillow has been one of our most popular pillows for nearly a decade. The exterior cover is an ultra comfy certified organic cotton velour. This super-soft cover is then lined on the inside with organic wool for an allergen-free, temperature controlled sleep. The fill is 100% natural rubber tree latex which has been shredded up to create a type of comfort similiar to a feather pillow, without all of the scratchy-ness and allergy issues. Natural rubber is up to 300% more resistant to dust mites, allergens and bacteria, compared to other foams!

All you need to add is a great washable pillow protector. Our two favourites are the St Dormeir washable wool protector, which is terry-cotton lined with wool. Also consider the St Geneve Stellmark pillow protector, which is 100% dust-mite proof cotton, Made in Germany. Either of these will keep your Organic Dream Mate pillow clean and healthy for years to come.

Product Details

  • Shredded natural rubber core
    • 100% natural rubber tree latex
  • Organic cotton velour cover with 10oz/yd2 organic Natura Grow Wool™ lining
  • Mimics the cuddly feel of feathers and down
  • Regulates temperature next to skin for healthy, comfortable sleep
  • Provides proper head and neck support to help muscles relax
  • NaturaWool™ lining wicks away moisture for a clean, allergen-free sleep
  • Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Cover is non-removable
  • Made in Canada

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Amazing Pillows!
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
We have been searching for the perfect pillows for quite awhile (lots of trial and error) and finally found them! These pillows are soft and cuddly AND supportive at the same time. A great purchase!
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Great pillow but watch the size you buy!
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
This is a very comfy pillow, however, the sizes run larger than my pillow protectors/covers. When I bought the queen size (as I have queen size protectors) the pillow was a very tight fit. So the pillow being in there tightly takes away the softness of the pillow, and it was like sleeping on a bag of potatoes- too hard! I then bought the standard size and it fit with a bit of room to spare in my pillow protectors, so then it was roomy enough to be soft and comfy to sleep on. The standard size pillow is large enough to fit my queen size bed, and I thought it would be too small but it was just right. So be very careful of this sizing issue, it greatly affects the softness and comfort of the pillow. It needs room to spread out or it will be very hard, which is fine for those who like a firmer pillow. And these do require pillow protectors so oils and such from your skin don't stain them-they are NOT washable pillows! I would also like to comment on the customer service here-it is A++++++!!! Buy with confidence because this store's staff is simply AMAZING! They are on top of their game like nothing I have ever seen before-thank you to all of them! :)
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Awesome Pillow
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Love my new pillow, I have had it for three weeks now and it is great. Provides support and feels substantial, your head sinks into it and the neck is supported. Also, it arrived super fast from the time of ordering and I live in a remote location in the Yukon...impressive!
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I Love My Pillow!
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
First night, I slept six hours straight. The ordering process was easy, shipping was efficient, and the pillow is high quality. I would recommend both this pillow and The Mattress & Sleep Company to anyone looking for a good, quality product.
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5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
I awake every night around 3:am and stay awake. Since I purchased this pillow I go right back to sleep. Have had restful, peaceful sleeps since. Love this pillow
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Best pillow ever.
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
This pillow is not too soft, and not too hard. It has a nice plushy feel to it. Great support for side sleeping and it is perfect for me because i'm a back/side sleeper. Great quality product that should last for a very long time. Being made out of natural organic materials in Canada is the cherry on top. Love it.
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