About TEAM 7

TEAM 7 is a manufacturer of natural wood furniture, and produces healthy, flexible, highly durable room interiors in contemporary designs for home, office and public buildings that are in harmony with nature. TEAM 7 natural wood furniture is designed and made in Austria using pure hardwood from TEAM 7's very own sustainably managed forests.

TEAM 7 European Hardwood Furniture in Canada


Georg Emprechtinger, Owner and Managing Director of TEAM 7

In supplying us with wood, nature offers us a brilliant material that is completely healthy to live with and which we are respectfully yet passionately imbuing with new forms and functions. No material fascinates us more or has greater versatility. It transforms houses into homes, rooms into cosy living spaces. Every touch is a pleasure. Every look reveals the unspoiled, occasionally wild, power that continues to live in the carefully finished wood in a tamed but visible form. We preserve this unique character through the masterful expertise of our carpenters. Their experience and skilled craftsmanship are based on a tradition that can be traced back for centuries. In principle, we also produce furniture fronts by hand in order to 'paint' a harmonious picture with the wood. And we only use natural oil to treat the surfaces of our furniture. In this way, the solid wood can have a positive effect on the room climate, is very easy to maintain and feels wonderfully smooth and velvety. The authentic and genuine characteristics of our solid wood furniture can be perceived right down to the core. Nowadays we use state-of-the-art technology for wood processing that are incredibly precise and fast. Nonetheless: two thirds of our employees in production are carpenters and have studied their woodworking craft. And they love it. For us, these two things just go together. We want perfection down to the last detail. That is why thirty technicians and creative minds are constantly working on new ideas in our research and development unit. The results might be furniture classics of tomorrow, revolutionary extension techniques for tables, ingenious solutions for Home Entertainment furniture or clever solutions that make the home more beautiful and everyday life more comfortable. We care about a design that is timeless, since the high quality of our furniture alone makes it suitable for a long life. Numerous international

awards show that our way of designing furniture is finding recognition all over the world. Ecological sustainability is the core principle that we committed ourselves to back in 1980. That is why we place great value on local production. The seven types of wood we use all come from leafy green trees grown in sustainably managed European forests. Our sawmill supplies our own board factory and the two furniture factories in Upper Austria. This means we can keep the value creation almost entirely in our own country and secure high-quality jobs in the region. We also value local suppliers, since the short supply chains contribute to our environmentally friendly production and give even more people a professional perspective with good working conditions. Our customers also benefit from these unique relationships, since they make us flexible and guarantee high quality. We are committed to our goal of always staying true to our roots, creating unique, solid wood furniture. Yet we constantly keep on improving our products.

Stable values, naturalness and latitude for individual designs have become especially important in the home environment. Here we can freely express our personal style and really get grounded: cooking with friends, filling a house or apartment with life as a family, or simply chilling out sometimes. Everything just the way you want it. That's why we don't simply make furniture, we think like visionaries. For all living areas, all layouts and the highest standards. As a mature company and flexible manufacturer, we offer an immense programme variety along with enormous individuality. From the innovative design to the mature, strictly tested product — at our company, nature, design and technology are in harmony: Executed creatively, aesthetically and with precise workmanship, wood in all its varieties enriches our lives.