The Mattress & Sleep Company is a family owned and operated business based in Alberta, Canada. TMASC was founded by Richard Buchfink along with his sons Dylan and Daniel, his brother Rudy and their collective families. Dylan and Daniel are now the principal owners, with Dylan in Calgary and Daniel in Edmonton.

The Buchfink family have been involved in the furniture and mattress industries for decades. Experiences from past ventures allowed The Mattress & Sleep Company concept to start taking shape in 2004. Our first store opened in Edmonton in 2006, while Calgary opened in 2012.

Over the years, The Mattress & Sleep Company has evolved significantly. Through continual learning, customer feedback, customer demand, and industry trends, The Mattress & Sleep Company have become a leading Canadian retailer of high quality home furnishings extending beyond the bedroom.

While our focus and our passion remains on quality mattresses and bedroom goods, we're confident you will find our expertise in bespoke, made-to-order high quality dining, living, office and bath to easily match the experience we have delivered to bedroom customers for years.

We invite your family to visit our family-operated stores in Calgary and Edmonton or of course chat with us, call us or order securely online. The Mattress & Sleep Company delivers across North America every day and we're delighted to help find a quality solution to your needs.

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