Please note that Abyss & Habidecor lead times are significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, these items are air freighted from Portugal to Canada. However, in the past few weeks, air freight costs have risen five fold. Our shipments must now be sent by ocean freight. Estimated lead times on out of stock tag order Abyss bath products is currently 2-4 months. The Mattress & Sleep Company does keep in stock a significant amount of Abyss Super Pile in white and ecru, along with a limited stock in several popular colours. Please Send Us a Message should your needs be time sensitive.


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Product Description


This is the matching robe for the Abyss Super Pile Towels. The standard robe is available in four sizes and four colours; white, ecru, linen and atmosphere. You may select any of the other 56 Abyss colours for an additional charge of $70 per robe.

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Super Pile luxury bath robes are represented in women's sizing, although this style is suitable for guys, too! The Mattress & Sleep Company usually stocks this robe in white in medium and large, with a handful of additional colours in various sizes. We will order any other size or colour direct from Portugal for you.

The Abyss Super Pile is regarded as one of the finest cotton towels and robes available anywhere in the world. An independent institute in the USA found Super Pile to test "Best." Abyss Super Pile was tested alongside a minimum of five other luxury brand towels. The towels were tested in "white" and "persimmon" colours. After 50 washings, the Abyss towel proved to be:

  • The only towel which withstood 50 wash cycles without signs of falling apart.
  • To be the most colour fast.
  • To become denser and more absorbent with washing.
  • To be 20% more absorbent than the next best towel.

Abyss robes are made of pure 100% Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton in all three weaving directions (warp, weft and pile). It is exceedingly rare for a robe to use pure Egyptian Cotton, let-alone in all facets of the robe. More weight is placed in the pile than in the base, allowing the robe to dry better than other towels of the same weight. As the base is also crafted from 100% Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton, it is also very strong and durable.

The pile of the robe is made of a double twist. This provides much greater strength, lower lint and superior absorbency. This also means if pulls or snags should occur, you can simply snip them off. This will not affect the robe.

Product Details

  • Heavy robe with collar
  • Two interior pockets with openings on the sides of the robe (New for 2014)
  • 100% Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton
  • 700 grams of cotton per square metre (20 ounces per square yard)
  • Choose from 4 colours: white, ecru, linen and atmosphere
  • All other Super Pile colours available at a $70 charge.
  • All robes are piece-dyed
  • Abyss uses only low impact dyes
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified to be free of harmful substances
  • Made in Portugal, imported by St Geneve for The Mattress & Sleep Company

Product Dimensions

Womens Sizing
Medium (M)LengthWidthArm Length
 112 cm107 cm46 cm
Large (L)LengthWidthArm Length
 122 cm117 cm48 cm
X Large (XL)LengthWidthArm Length
 132 cm127 cm51 cm
XX Large (XXL)    Length    Width    Arm Length
 137 cm147 cm53 cm

Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

Typically stocked in Medium and Large in White. For other sizes or colours please allow approximately 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Care Instructions

Wash and dry at low-medium temperatures. Drying hot will greatly reduce the life of towels and rugs. Do not over dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, brighteners or bleach alternatives. Always wash towels and rugs separately and never wash with other articles of any kind. Please do not vacuum or iron.

Using a high quality specialty detergent such as Le Blanc Linen Wash is a great way to maintain your luxury textiles. Le Blanc Linen Wash is an exceptional cleanser designed for all washable and colourfast bed & bath linens.

Towel & Rug Colour Matching

Please be aware that Abyss towels and Habidecor rugs are made in separate facilities in Portugal. For this reason, dye lots and colouring do vary. Generally speaking, the more vibrant the colour, the less likely that a towel and rug would be a 100% perfect match. Most of the time, this will not be an issue as towels are often hanging or placed on a counter top, while rugs are on the floor.

We recommend a rug with a patterned design should you wish to avoid having slight shade variances between your towels and rugs.

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