Sleeping like a Baby

Medical professionals determine that an infant will spend approximately 70% of their first three years sleeping and playing on their mattress. A cot, crib, cradle, or pram is typically the only place where an infant is ever left unattended. It is therefore very important to not only make these places as safe and comfortable as possible but to also not overlook or downplay the importance of a quality mattress.

A newborn may sleep up to an average of 18 hours per day and a child 1–12 months old may sleep up to an average of 14–18 hours per day.

Baby sleep cycles are far shorter than those of adults, and babies spend more time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is thought to be necessary for the extraordinary development happening in their brain. REM sleep is lighter than non-REM sleep, and more easily disrupted.

Government bodies and Health officials advise that every child should have a new mattress. A mattress used with a previous child, no matter how well cared for, may still introduce your new baby to bacteria and mould. A new mattress will also be able to give your new baby a more comfortable and supportive sleeping environment. The mattress that you choose will ultimately be an integral part of your child’s first two years of growth and development.

At The Mattress and Sleep Company you will find a wide variety of organic or natural baby bedding choices, including crib mattresses. Our baby bedding products are all made from renewable resources and are healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.
Natura Organic Crib Mattress
Today’s featured baby product is the Organic crib mattress from Natura.

This mattress features a certified organic shell. The Core of the mattress is made from 100% natural latex which is completely derived from the rubber tree. No Synthetic latex is present in this product.

This natural latex provides a healthy ventilation system through the mattress, making it ideal for protecting your baby’s fragile respiratory system.

The mattress offers natural, firm support while reducing the risk of flattening soft bones in the skull and providing optimal weight distribution for an ideal balance of comfort and support.

This product is also naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial. This organic crib mattress allows for maximum air circulation which allows heat and body moisture to dissipate, keeping the mattress fresh, dry and resistant to the build up of harmful allergens.

Natura constructs this mattress in Canada, meeting all Canadian safety requirements.

As a convenience for parents, this mattress will fit any standard sized crib.


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