Daybeds, by definition these are pieces of furniture meant to be used as additional seating during the day and as an extra bed at night. However the fascinating aspect of day bed design is its presence and progression throughout history. From the ancient Greeks and Romans through the Victorian age to our present day, the humble and functional daybed has endured.

Day beds, also called rest beds, remained similar throughout history due to their basic functionality. In the Victorian Era, daybeds were commonly used as a place for women to rest during the middle of the day. Furnishings of this style were also commonly found in “fainting rooms” which were prevalent at the time. A cross between a bed and a sofa, daybeds allowed the guest to rest comfortably yet still maintained an aesthetic appeal in the room.

The modern day bed is fairly simple and quite functional. A daybed is typically made up of a wooden or metal frame and is sized to accommodate a traditional twin size mattress. The frames themselves can range from simple to ornate, from modern to whimsical and are found in a wide range of prices to fit both your budget and your room décor.

Wesley Allen, manufacturer of high quality, handcrafted, iron beds has a beautifully diverse line of day beds in their collection. From traditional elegance, to sleek modern styles, this collection of iron daybeds is sure to dazzle. Built to order with the same quality and attention to detail that you have come to anticipate from Wesley Allen, these heirloom quality pieces will hold a spot in your home, and your heart, for years to come.

Wesley Allen daybeds will add a touch of class to any room. To find the daybed of your dreams please visit our website at . We have a number of style choices available to view and compare. Once you have decided on a style option you will be able to customize the look even further with a wide variety of colour finish options. Best of all, we deliver Wesley Allen daybeds across Canada at no additional charge.


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