Wesley Allen 2010 Changes

Hot off the (digital) presses, Wesley Allen has announced their product changes for 2010. We’ll have to wait until February to announce the new products, so the goal today is to at least update everyone on which beds and finishes will be discontinued as of February 8th. If there is a bed you’ve had your eye on for a while now and it happens to be on this list, now is definitely the very best time to order, as a few weeks from now it may be too late.

Discontinued Finishes

  • Aged Stone
  • Textured Charcoal Green
  • Textured Aqua
  • Textured Silver Blue
  • Textured Patina

Discontinued Fabrics & Leathers

  • All Woven Fabrics (this actually happened a long time ago but a lot of dealers still offer them– not sure why!)
  • Brussel Copper Velvet
  • Brussel Sage Velvet
  • Portofino Sage Leather

Discontinued Beds

  • Abington
  • Austin
  • Belair
  • Bradford
  • Bellagio
  • Chandler
  • Cambridge
  • Fairfax (Fairfax II replaces this)
  • Harmony
  • Garland
  • Houston
  • Pella
  • Lisbon
  • Toulouse
  • Spartan
  • Veneto II
  • Windsor
  • York
  • Oakdale (Daybed)
  • Odessa (Daybed)

Many beds which remain have also trimmed up and are no longer available in certain configurations. Our website has been completely updated to reflect these changes as of today. Also, all bonnets have been discontinued.

This may all sound like bad news but we assure you it is not. The 6 new finishes that were announced in November replace the 5 outgoing finishes in February. And on the bed side of it, there are more new models than outgoing ones. We’re really excited to share these new products with you and look forward to introducing them in February after the Vegas show.


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