New Wesley Allen Feature

A feature we’ve wanted to implement for a long time has finally come to fruition. Now when you’re browsing through Wesley Allen’s staggering range of finish options, you’ll notice little grey boxes below each finish which proudly say “View Finish On Beds.” Clicking on this little button will take you to a new page which will have examples of the various Wesley Allen products which have been photographed in that particular colour.

Our goal with this feature is to help you in the process of deciding which colour is the right choice for you. Often choosing the finish is the most difficult part of the process and by grouping photographs together by colour you will surely find the selection a bit easier.

In our quest to provide as many examples as we can, you may see “discontinued” items listed in these categories. These are items which Wesley Allen no longer builds, although we find the pictures are still a huge help.

This is still a huge work in progress as we add more images. There are a handful of colours which do not have examples at this point, some of these being brand new finishes that just recently were released.

View the new Wesley Allen Finish Chart


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