Silk Duvet Section Updates

Our silk duvet section has gone through some nice updates over the past few days. There is now more detailed information on each of the duvets we offer. Also, we’ve added the two St. Geneve silk duvets to the mix, bringing the total to 6 excellent quality silk duvets to choose from. We’ve also created a handy little chart which makes comparing each duvet side-by-side much easier to do!

View the new silk duvet section

View the new silk duvet comparison chart

We’re also in the process of expanding our informational page on silk and hope to have this new version up in the next few days.

Along with all of the above improvements we will be increasing our ready to ship inventory on certain models. Our most popular duvet continues to be the luxeport light weight duvet and for this reason we try our best to keep lots of these in stock and ready to go. We also keep a good inventory on the luxeport deluxe weight duvets (even in crib size!) as these are also very popular.

In addition we will start to stock the St. Geneve premium duvet in queen size and if it proves to be as popular as we think it will be, we’ll start keeping king on hand, too!


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