Amisco 2010 Metals & Fabrics are here

We’ve just received the 2010 Amisco metal samples and fabric swatches. Please visit our Amisco Metal & Fabric Samples page to see the new options for 2010!

Two metal colours (Azul and Carmin) and 20 fabrics (Ramo, Cielo, Oceano, Lago, Plum, Sapphire, Charcoal, Apple, Dove, Sage, Ebony, Olive, Horizon, Frost, Flora/Ebony, Coral/Ebony) are all discontinued as of June, 2010. In addition, the following bed frames will also disappear in June; Graham, Trisha, Alpha, Elsa, Laila, Patricia, Rocky (twin), Sabrina (twin), Tamara (twin).

If you have been eyeing one of these particular beds or colours for the past little while now is the time to consider sprucing up your bedroom! The other totally awesome part about this is that we have several Amisco models on display in our Edmonton showroom which are part of these discontinuations- which means lots of great sample discounts!


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