About Bamboo Fibre

We’ve been preparing a lot of really interesting information on bamboo and during our research process actually came across an incredible article which is very in-depth about bamboo specifically when it relates to textiles. While we’re still working to bring our carefully researched information to the public, this is an excellent place to start!

Read the OrganicClothing.blogs.com article.

Another link of great interest is of course straight from the Government of Canada.

Also, from the American FTC: FTC Charges Companies with ‘Bamboo-zling’ Consumers with False Product Claims

In a nut-shell, bamboo stalks are soaked in caustic soda to break them down into cellulose. This substance is actually “viscose” or “rayon” and is then blended with a cotton anchor fibre. In it’s finished form, bamboo sheets are not actually bamboo. They were merely sourced from bamboo, but they do not retain any of the benefits of bamboo. This is green washing in it’s finest form, and it is why we do not sell textiles made from bamboo.

Bamboo furniture, on the other hand, is truly fantastic. We do not take any issue with this product, and we love bamboo when it’s done the right way. Bamboo sheet sets are merely one example of how the mattress & bedding industries have really stretched the truth.


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