Healthy Sleep at a Healthy Price

Healthy sleep at a healthy price starts here. The Mattress & Sleep Company believes everyone has the right to safer, healthier choices when it comes to where you rest your head at night. Natura GreenSpring™ was crafted around the idea that just because a mattress is green, doesn’t mean it should cost a lot of green.

Natura GreenSpring™ Linden Luxury

GreenSpring™ infuses a variety of fresh ideas into the pocketed coil mattress category by using raw materials such as pure wool which has not been blended with polyester fibres. You’ll also find cotton batting, an excellent natural upholstery layer. The foams Natura does employ include soy-blended foams and latex foam.

Natura GreenSpring™ Eucalyptus Euro Top

The range of GreenSpring™ models offer a way to enjoy some of the benefits of our entirely organic or natural products at a more reasonable price point. Click on any product to learn more. The natural content of the various materials is listed, allowing comparison between GreenSpring™ models in addition to comparisons with other similar priced products from other brands.

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