Oh Those Summer Nights.

With the snow fading from memory and the sunlit days getting longer it is clear that a change is coming. Summer time is creeping into view, bringing sunny days and hot humid air with it. Now that spring is officially here and we can see the blissful summer days approaching it’s time to start thinking about how the temperature change may affect your nightly zzzz’s!

In the great province of Alberta we have some pretty interesting winter months. Back and forth from blowing snow to -35 C mornings, we see it all. With the dry, bitter cold months taking up so much of our year it makes sense for us to have comforters and duvets that are applicable for all season or winter conditions.

Soon enough we will be putting away our heavy wool coats in favour of lighter fabrics, we switch our gripping winter tires for summer friendly ones. But should we ultimately be equally diligent about switching out our winter bed-clothes for summer ones? Is our sleep going to be at all affected by the change in the weather?

In my own experience I find that summer nights are the hardest nights to fall into a deep, restful sleep. Longer sun filled evenings, heavy hot humidity, and a jam-packed social calendar may hinder your REM cycle.

One of the biggest tips out there for insomniacs or people with occasional sleep issues is to make sure that your bedroom is dark and cool, this will prevent you from waking during the night because you are over heated and will help you to sleep past sunrise, unless that is your preferred wake-up call.

So how can you address these issues in your own bedrooms? Well for starters it may be worthwhile to you to invest in two duvets.

One should be of a higher fill weight, allowing it to be warm enough in the cooler and cold months of the year. The other should be a lighter duvet with a lower fill weight. This will allow you to sleep comfortable in the hot, humid months without the weight of the duvet keeping you overheated and awake as a result.

Another option to consider is a duvet applicable for All-Season usage that is filled with a temperature regulating material which will adjust based on your core body temperature.

A wool filled duvet is a nice, clean option, as is a silk filled. Both of these natural materials help to regulate temperature, making them a perfect fill choice for duvets and pillows too.

Wool is an excellent choice for those who are seeking to minimize discomfort due to moisture accumulation in their sleeping environment. Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic product, and it is resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. Wool can absorb up to 35-40% of its weight in water before it feels wet to the touch. On the other hand, cotton can only absorb 8%.

I personally have not had the opportunity to spend a night snuggled under a wool duvet but I believe in the natural properties of the wool. The temperature regulation aspect combined with the wicking away of excess moisture make wool a convenient way to improve one’s sleeping surface.

Silk duvets offer a type of comfort which is very different from wool or down. Silk duvets naturally drape around the human form for a wonderful cozy feeling, where-as polyester and even wool to a lesser extent tend to be stiffer. Silk cocoons are designed by Mother Nature to protect the baby moth from heat, cold, mould, mildew and mites making silk one of the healthiest materials used in bedding products today. When silk is in the fleece form used for duvets it is incredibly breathable and is typically the coolest type of duvet available.

It is for this reason that silk duvets are often chosen by those who require some type of blanket above them (as opposed to sleeping with no blankets, which for most people is simply not comfortable).

As for the silk option, well I cannot say enough positive comments. I have had the opportunity to sleep under a silk duvet over the past week and I have to say that it has been a most comfortable sleeping experience. The duvet itself is silent when it’s being moved around, light weight during sleep, and has kept me, a normally hot sleeper, comfortable and dry throughout the night.

Visit our website for more information on all of our fabulous Wool and Silk duvet options. Or if you are local to the Edmonton area or are planning an upcoming visit, please feel free to stop in and let us show you these products first hand.

Until next time, sleep tight everyone!


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