Natura GreenSpring™

The Mattress & Sleep Company is excited about Natura’s newest line of mattresses, GreenSpring™. We believe everyone has the right to safer, healthier choices when it comes to where you rest your head at night. Natura GreenSpring™ was crafted around the idea that just because a mattress is green, doesn’t mean it should cost a lot of green.


The Linden is a pocketed coil mattress packed with over four times as much wool as other coil mattresses. Below the wool is a natural cotton layer, on top of soy-based foam. The pocket coils are encased in a foam perimeter which provides a firm seating edge without the use of uncomfortable border wires.

Choose Linden for a firm overall feel.

The Laurel features more than eight times the wool content of other coil mattresses, and twice as much latex as typical coil beds would employ. The pocketed coil system is zoned, with the centre third being firmer for more support where it is needed the most.

Choose Laurel for firm overall support with a plush top.


Natura uses pure wool which is not blended with synthetic polyester anchor fibres. Pure wool is all-natural, promotes better airflow, wicks away moisture and regulates temperature!


The Eucalyptus is a sumptuous plush euro top mattress which features twelve times the amount of wool compared to standard coil beds, and four times the amount of latex found in typical coil mattresses.

Choose Eucalyptus for soft, cloud-like comfort.

Cotton batting is used as a natural comfort layer to lessen our dependence on oil based foams which off-gas and are not made from a renewable resource.


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