New Green Sleep Models

September 2010 marks the arrival of several new Green Sleep models. The ever-popular Vimala has undergone it’s very first refresh since debuting in North America. In addition, Green Sleep has introduced two brand new models, each of which offers a distinct comfort and also help to increase the selection of these fine natural rubber beds.

Green Sleep Sienna
The Sienna is offered as a simplistic approach to a fine quality natural rubber bed. The Sienna is made up of two plates of natural rubber, each of which is available in soft or firm. This allows the mattresses to be configured as soft, medium or firm. Unlike the Vimala and Dolcezza, the Sienna is configured the same on both sides. The Sienna is paired with the S200 foundation, which employs slats and dowels on a rubber suspension system for enhanced support.

Choose from soft or firm rubber for each 3 inch layer. Unlike the Vimala and Dolcezza, the Sienna is not configurable for each sleeping partner, so for example if the mattress is ordered with 3″ of soft on top of 3″ of firm, this is the way the entire mattress will arrive.

We will have the Sienna on display in our Edmonton showroom in all three versions (soft, medium and firm).

View the Green Sleep Sienna Sleep System

Green Sleep Sienna Natural Rubber Bed

Green Sleep Vimala
The new Vimala is very similar to the previous version. The biggest change is in the layers. Now you have the choice of two customizable layers where-as the previous version only had one custom layer. We still have the ability to configure two entirely different firmness preferences for each sleeping partner.

Order your Vimala (on each half) in Soft and Soft, Soft and Medium, Firm and Medium or Firm and Firm.

For those interested in the outgoing version with 8″ of rubber, we still have 1 brand new queen, 1 brand new king and 1 king display model. All of these include a free Green Sleep Vasilo mattress protector and two free Valini shredded rubber pillows. The floor sample will only be available locally as it cannot be safely shipped. Please call us Toll-Free on 1-877-750-1212 for more information.

View the Green Sleep Vimala Sleep System

Green Sleep Vimala Mattress

Green Sleep Dolcezza
The Dolcezza represents the finest of natural rubber beds. With 4 layers, two of which are customizable, the possibilities for individual comfort and support are nearly endless. The bottom layer is always 1.5″ of firm rubber, while there are two layers (3″ each) in the core, each of which is available in soft, medium or firm. The top 2″ of rubber is found inside the finished topper, which has been hand tufted for durability.

Order your Dolcezza (on each half) in Soft and Soft, Soft and Medium, Soft and Firm, Medium and Medium, Medium and Firm or Firm and Firm.

View the Green Sleep Dolcezza Sleep System

Green Sleep Dolcezza Mattress

The Vimala as well as the new Dolcezza will also have replacement inserts available for purchase. Pricing will be announced shortly.

As always, residential delivery is included at no additional charge to 95% of Canada. Local Calgary & Edmonton Metro Area clients receive complementary complete in-home setup.


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