Putting The Warmth Back Into Your Winter Nights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the snow blowing around and the chill creeping into our bedrooms it’s time to start talking about ways to keep us sleeping warm and comfortable during these long winter months.

Maybe you think, as so many people do, that the duvet you have been using all year is going to be adequate enough to make it through the winter. In some cases you may be right.

The fluctuating climates throughout Canada make it difficult to assess if you may or may not require a warmer duvet for the winter months. Speaking as an Albertan I can say with some certainty that I myself will be requiring a duvet with more fill weight to keep me warm for the next 6 months.

But where do you start? Well that can be a little tricky as well; with so many options regarding the fill of a duvet it can be difficult to determine which will be the right one for you.

At the Mattress & Sleep Company we have laboured to make this process as easy as possible.

Our in store duvet experts have put together a guide to picking out your perfect duvet.

Duvet Buying Guide

A duvet is easily one of the very most important items we sleep with, yet it is often the most overlooked or underinvested product in our bedrooms. Your duvet is responsible for balancing temperature and wick away moisture. Your duvet should not impede your ability to freely move under the covers and also must be sized appropriately so as to not tug or pull when two people are sharing the covers. There are three common blanket configurations used in Canada, due to our widely varying climate from summer to winter.

Seasonal Comforters

This is where we rotate through the use of two different duvets for summer and winter. Popular configurations include silk in the summer and down in the winter.

Cooler Duvet + Seasonal Blanket or Coverlet

Many people prefer the idea of a cooler duvet such as silk, ultra light filled down, summer alpaca duvet. Some will keep a Coverlet/Matelassé either folded up at the end of the bed or stored in the linen closet. Others will invest in a high quality blanket such as linen or wool (Brahms Mount offers an amazing selection). When the need arises, you simply pull the second layer up to add additional warmth.

High Quality Down

The beauty of high quality down is truly unique. The better the down, the wider temperature range it will operate in. This means a high quality down is not only warmer in the winter; it is also cooler in the summer. Although down is traditionally thought of as a winter duvet, with high quality down this is simply not the case. Year-round use is very possible with nearly any St. Geneve duvet when an ultra light fill weight is selected.

To read the entire article please visit our full Duvet Buying Guide.

Until next time Sleep Well & Keep Warm!!


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