Mattress Protection 101

In the effort to improve our sleep and our quality of life; more and more Canadians are realizing just how important a quality mattress is in achieving these goals. Most of us already know that it is also very important to protect this investment. Most people do use a mattress protector of some kind. Fitted sheets alone are simply not enough to protect your mattress from dead skin cells and oils which accumulate over time. Another important factor is protecting your mattress from moisture damage as all varieties of foam are sensitive to moisture. Did you know that depending on which type of mattress protector you are using that you may actually be interfering with the quality of sleep you are (hopefully) receiving at night?

One thing most people do not know is that the number one detractor of quality sleep is simply being too hot. That’s right, studies suggest that more often than aching joints and muscles, pressure points, or even motion transfer from our partners, simply being too hot is the most common sleep issue. This might be less of a problem for those of us lucky enough to have air conditioning in the summer, however high humidity levels in our bedding is what mostly causes this issue. The average person will perspire to the tune of 500 mL every night! With common water proof protectors this moisture stays very close to our bodies where it is most uncomfortable and most likely to interfere with our sleep.

Most mattress protectors being sold today are a simple water proof variety, either ethylene or polyurethane water proof mattress protectors with a thin cotton terry liner on the top side. We really challenge the notion that these types of mattress protectors are as breathable as they always claim to be. They certainly do an excellent job protecting the mattress, although often times make people sleep uncomfortably hot! What is one to do? No one wants to sleep on an unhygienic mattress, and no one wants to feel clammy and uncomfortably hot (or cold).

Here at The Mattress & Sleep Company you might have already noticed we take a more natural approach to solving sleep issues. For over 90% of our customers we recommend the St. Dormeir mattress protector. This wonderful item from St. Geneve offers a wonderful solution to protecting our mattresses and also helping out with comfort issues along the way. St. Dormeir protectors are made with unbleached cotton terry covers and filled with pure sheep’s wool. Wool is a terrific material to have at the top of any mattress. Wool will absorb 10 times more moisture than polyester fibres, without feeling damp to the touch. It is warmer to sleep on in the winter, and much, much cooler to sleep on in the summer than a normal waterproof mattress protector or even standard polyester filled quilted mattress protectors. Cold or hot room temperatures, these protectors keep you dry and comfortable. These mattress protectors provide more than enough moisture protection to deal with any perspiration, and are thick enough to keep dead skin and oil off your mattress.

Another fantastic mattress protector is the Natura Washable Wool Mattress Pad. Same basic concept, different fabric for those that do not like cotton terry.

What about those who require complete moisture protection in the case of accidents or spills? For those of us who wish to keep everything as breathable and natural as possible the best all-natural option is the Natura Classic Puddle Pad, or our own house brand moisture pads if seeking an organic option. These protectors are made from a very densely woven wool which is very nearly water proof and easy to care for. A wool puddle/moisture pad is able to repel a significant amount of moisture before even the slight possibility of leakage may occur.


For those requiring a waterproof solution the Natura Puddle Pad is simply an excellent value for a no compromise natural solution. We recommend these protectors for all crib and children’s mattresses. For the most comfortable sleep, a fitted protector like the St. Dormeir on top of the puddle pad will be the best overall solution.

Natura also makes a wonderful hybrid mattress protector called the Deluxe Protect Mattress Pad. Although it does have a plastic water proof layer it is quilted with a large amount of wool on top to provide a temperature regulating moisture wicking layer for the most comfortable 100% water proof mattress protector available today. As an added bonus the fabric on these protectors is treated with colloidal silver which can kill many varieties of bacteria on contact. For those serious about the freshness of their bed this is a wonderful option.


Whichever mattress protector you choose, it is important to carefully consider your options. Comfort is more than just soft or firm. Comfort is breathability. It is the ability to balance temperature. It is handling excess moisture the right way. Comfort is sound sleep.


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