Love is in the Air!

Less than a week to go until Valentines Day! A day devoted to love and to your loved one! Valentines Day is a holiday loved by some, dreaded by others, but no matter which category you fit into, the day is fast approaching.

When we were children we made “mail boxes” out of paper plates, some yarn, and some badly cut out hearts. We hung them over the front of our desks and hoped to see it quickly fill to the brim with valentines. Always sporting some catchy poem or silly picture, it was such a small gesture but it set us up for all our years to come.

This is my first Valentines Day as a wife! I cannot assume it changes much once you get married but I am hoping to receive a small token of love next Monday. This got me wondering about Valentines Day gifts and what they mean and what they should.

To me, on this giving occasion above all else, the token should be something related to love. A sappy sweet card, a bouquet of over priced roses, or a box of sinfully delightful chocolates. But maybe there’s even something better! This Valentines Day instead of getting your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé a 100$ bouquet of Red Roses get her something that will warm her heart all year-long!

This year I recommend searching no further than Warm Buddy.

Sure, a stuffed animal might not seem like much of a special surprise, but these gorgeous soft stuffed animals are not only adorable to look at but contain a special warming pack! Allowing all of us to be only a mere 30 microwave seconds away from a warm embrace!

Stuffed animals not your scene? Well maybe look towards something a little more decadent, albeit calorie free! St. Geneve Serenity Silk Pillowcases are an easy way to add a little more romance to your current bedding package. Individually packaged and sold, these pillow covers are a perfect add-on gift for any occasion.

Visit us in store between now and February 14th and purchase any item from the Warm Buddy collection for a special price of 15% off retail value. Or pick up a St. Geneve Serenity Silk Pillowcase for 15% off retail value. Offer Ends February 14th at 9pm.

Here’s to spreading the love this Valentines Day!



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