Getting married!

To all our past, present and future customers and friends:

I’d like to apologize for not being open on Saturday, July 9th in order to serve you.

As a small family business centred here in Edmonton, I am pleased to say that sometimes family comes first. Saturday is a special day for our family. My oldest son Dylan is getting married to the love of his life, Sylvia. Since all of us wish to attend and celebrate this day with them, we found it necessary to close the store for Saturday only.

We trust you’ll understand. Please take a few moments today to visit our website. You’ll find our website quite unique and helpful. On our website you’ll find a few one-time offers to offset the inconvenience created by our family function being held in Red Deer on Saturday afternoon.

The store will resume opening at 1 PM MT, Sunday July 10th. Stop by for a special open house and join us for tea and coffee to celebrate.

Perhaps you have a friend or family member also getting married this summer. We’d like to share a unique story from one of our favourite suppliers, St. Geneve and “marry” it to a special offer. Purchase any St. Geneve Duvet and receive 15% off.


There is an old Scandinavian tradition. When a woman married, her parents would give the couple a new down filled duvet and pillows which would have been made by her mother. Part of this tradition had the mother sewing a new coin into the duvet before the final finishing, for good luck all of their days. When we make a duvet, we do the same thing. St. Geneve Down Filled Duvets all have a coin sewn in, in the same spirit of good wishes.

Richard Buchfink


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