Do you know what you are buying?

Choir Collection made from Micro Modal

The word ‘Natural’ when it comes to most consumer based products are for the most part unregulated and certainly lack a level of transparency and honesty. Most companies only label or list what they are required to do so by law which clouds the situation for most people when shopping for a particular product like a mattress, pillow, or bedding. Customers largely depend on retailers to not only provide clarity but guidance as well when choosing products that are tagged as natural, green, eco-friendly, and the ever growing organic label. How do you give guidance when it’s based on incorrect facts?

A recent CBC News Marketplace article  is a perfect example of retailers lack of knowledge or are simply turning a blind eye in the products they are carrying and the manufacturers only providing what basic information is required.

Another example of misrepresentation in both manufacturing and retailing is how cotton sheets and bedding products are labeled and marketed especially Egyptian cotton. There are 100+ varieties of the textile known as Egyptian cotton but not all of them are 100% ELS (Extra Long Strand). The difference between Giza 70 and  American Uplands cotton is quite significant in the strength and quality of the fibre. Another ongoing problem is American Uplands cotton has a long and short strand variety as well, which further confuses the situation. The ELS in the Giza 70 variety of the species is far superior in softness, strength, and durability. The unfortunate part is American Uplands cotton makes up the largest percentage of the marketplace due to its availability and is the least expensive cotton to produce. This is why transparency and proper training is needed in order to properly represent the products we feature.  Organic cotton sheets for instance are often over-priced between $199-$399 for a queen set and are presented as 200-300 long strand thread counts but the bigger question is are they labeled correctly? Are they ELS or just a longer strand of a cheaper variety cotton?  Once again people can feel deceived when purchasing bedding products that are thought to be superior in quality when in fact they are not. This is why accurate labeling and transparency is vital when purchasing any quality product. Feel free to visit our textiles information page intended to give everyone a clearer picture on quality bedding and what to look for in order to make a better and more informed decision.

The Mattress & Sleep Company has always placed an emphasis on transparency from our prices to the products we carry which is why we created a knowledge database on The Mattress & Sleep Company website to help provide clarity when choosing a particular brand or item for purchase. Although offering organic and chemical free natural products is very important to us we will never misrepresent a product as something it is not, or compromise quality to sell a particular product. With over 50+ years combined in the furniture, mattress, and bedding industry our goal is to always provide customers with a transparent view of how each product is produced and provide them with correct and accurate information so everyone can make an informed decision and feel confident in the quality of the product they are purchasing. Below are examples of how The Mattress & Sleep Company labels all of our bedding products in our showrooms and on our website.

St. Geneve Sample Hangers of Giza 70              Grand Veneto Sample


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