Travel Pillows

Whether your destination is somewhere exotic, backpacking all across Europe, on a road trip or visiting family overnight a must have bedside companion is a quality travel pillow. Often unaware of our surroundings we unknowingly expose ourselves to harmful bacteria, chemicals, and allergens which can negatively effect our travel experience. This is precisely why your pillow should be hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture absorbent, provide optimal support, and of course be very comfortable. St. Geneve manufactures high quality down travel pillows that will certainly leave you feeling refreshed each morning.

St. Geneve Travel Pillows

St. Geneve travel pillows are available at The Mattress & Sleep Company in both duck down and white goose down. Each pillow comes with a pillow case and a convenient travel sac (pictured above). All of their natural fill products are processed in accordance with the Zurguard system. This ensures all down pillows are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. The cover of the pillow is made from 100% cotton specially woven to protect you against dust-mites while allowing air to pass through ensuring a breathable and hypoallergenic sleep surface for your head. Every pillow can be machine washed and dried but for the best results use a down-wash from Le Blanc. Also consider adding a Stellmark Pillow Protector for additional insurance keeping allergens away and allowing for a clean and healthy night’s sleep.

Product Details

  • White Goose Down – Includes 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pillowcase in White
  • Duck Down – Includes 100% Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases in 98 random Capri colours
  • Down & Feather – Includes 100% Cotton Percale Pillowcase in White
  • Guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Includes Travel Bag
  • Made in Canada


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