Customize Your Sleep Experience

Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcezza Cutout

The Customizable layers of the Dolcezza Mattress by Green Sleep.

One of the biggest challenges couples have when shopping for a new mattress is their individual comfort preferences are not always the same. Our muscles often need 3-6 weeks to adequately adjust to a new sleep surface yet very seldom can a mattress adjust to each individual sleeper’s needs or comforts. Most mattresses are very generic as in what they can offer you in terms of comfort, alignment, support, breathe-ability, and pressure relief.

As the need for more personalized sleep systems has grown, The Mattress & Sleep Company has adapted and evolved our product line to provide our customers with a comfortable and unique shopping experience with mattresses and sleep products that can be tailored to the individuals needs. With the first customizable topper insert mattress from Naturaworld in 2007 to the almost endless customizable comfort options in a Dolcezza sleep system by Green Sleep in 2010, and along with our NEW!  personalized organic sleep systems by Sleeptek available in 2013, our commitment to our customers has never wavered as we believe When we serve the needs and expectations of our customers, our business will grow and prosper.

The Benefits Of A Customized Mattress or Sleep System

No More Compromising

Over 70% of couples often are either split when deciding on a mattress or one person usually compromises support or comfort for their significant other. You no longer have to do that with Green Sleep or Sleeptek mattresses or sleep system.  Although most brand name mattress provide initial comfort very few have consistent firmness and pressure relief over a longer period of time. Another advantage to choosing a personalized sleep system from the Mattress & Sleep Company is many of our models can adapt to change if your needs have to be adjusted for any reason without having to got through another mattress purchase again.

Healthy Raw Materials

-All of our customizable mattress components are made without the use of petrochemicals and toxic fire retardants. The mattress cores are made of natural rubber tree milk manufactured on-site to ensure purity and third party certified by Eco-Institute the most recognized certification company when testing for hazardous emissions and components in the world today. The quilted covers are made from organically grown hand picked cotton and quilted to pure wool and washed with only hot water and vegetable based soaps.

Natural Rubber Cores Offer:

  • Certification by Germany’s Eco Institut (The authority on purity of natural latex foam)
  • The highest possible rubber purity
  • The most elastic, durable, anti-sagging rubber with extra softness
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial protection, including against dust mites

Organic Cotton Offers:

  • Incomparable softness for people with sensitive skin
  • Absorbency and breath-ability, which maximize air circulation and minimize perspiration
  • Free from chemicals, including fire retardants, and the consequent off-gassing that can produce fumes inhaled during sleep
  • Superior resiliency in shape, colour, and texture

Wool Offers:

  • Resilience in form and shape for comfort, longevity, and aesthetic appeal
  • Coolness in summer and warmth in winter
  • Superior absorbency: holds up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp (excellent for managing night sweats)
  • Natural flame-retardant

At the Mattress & Sleep Company our goal is to make sure every customer’s needs are met. We focus on quality mattresses and sleep products that can be tailored to your specific needs whether it be your mattress or top of bed like toppers, duvets, pillows, and bedding. Feel free to visit either our Edmonton or Calgary Showrooms to experience the customized sleep solutions we have to offer you. Of course you can also reach us at 1-877-750-1212 or visit our website which contains a helpful knowledge base aimed at making your online shopping experience convenient and easy.


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