Stress & Sleep

Sleep Better

Stress can be a determining factor for getting a healthy night’s sleep. Everyone on any given day will have some form of stress whether it be health or unhealthy. Is it possible for stress to be healthy and aide in comfortable night’s sleep and your overall health? Absolutely, stress in small does has been known to boost your immune system and enhance your overall vitality. Oppositely negative stress is hostile and persistent often causing everything from overwhelming anxiety to physical pain and illness.


Relax Your Mind and Body

Muscle relaxation is the first step in preparing your body and mind for sleep. Positive or healthy stress can relax not only your physical muscles but your mind as well. Resolving or taking the necessary steps to solve situations that cause you stress or anxiety will help your body relax more easily when you are preparing for bed. Taxing types of stress can lead to your muscles tensing up when trying to go to sleep. Furthermore longer stress periods will lead to your mind to either be in a state of wandering or stimulating the brain increasing the likelihood of constant tossing and turning throughout the night. Without the ability to relax it will be very difficult to fall asleep and achieve any type of restorative type sleep.

Take Control

When experiencing stress it is vital that everyone takes control of their sleep environment. The ability to eliminate distractions from outside the bedroom is imperative because without proper rest and sleep our ability to cope daily with stress and anxiety is greatly impaired. Your bedroom should always be a place of relaxation ensuring your sleep environment in void of distraction and stimulation. Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce stress, sleep deeply, and awaken refreshed increasing our chances of managing stress more properly, increasing vitality, and our overall health once more.

  • Remove electronic devices from the room. Everything from cell phones, tablets, and other devices that may cause your mind to be stimulated instead of relaxing. If you want a TV in your room just make sure to turn it off or on a timer when you go to bed although it is highly recommended by doctors and sleep specialists not to have one in your bedroom.
  • Improving the air quality in your sleep environment can improve your ability to rest more smoothly throughout the night by decreasing exposure to off-gassing materials within the home. An air purifier from Austin Air aides in removing VOC’s and allergens increasing the likelihood free of constant coughing and congestion.
  • People who suffer from stress often have sensitive pressure point when they sleep. Adding a pressure relieving material like pure sheep’s wool or high quality down from St. Geneve (Guaranteed to be Hypoallergenic) to the top of your bed will enhance your sleep experience as well.
  • Lavender is known to aide in sleep and relaxation a key to reducing stress. Our Lavender fragrance infusion and specialty laundry product from Le Blanc are a healthy way to promote healthy sleep but protect your quality bed linens as well.
  • Always make sure to keep your room as dark as possible when sleeping. Try to have some noise preferably natural sounds like nature sounds or white noise from a sound machine or CD. Just ensure to keep it at a distance from your mattress and a very low volume so the sounds aide in your sleep not be a detriment to it.
  • Always make sure that your mattress and foundation are providing the type of support and natural spinal alignment that is required for everyone. The Mattress & Sleep Company focuses on quality mattresses and specialty sleep products focused on providing a quality night’s sleep.




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