Dreamer Collection of Organic Mattresses by Green Sleep

The Dreamer Collection Series of Organic Mattresses By Green Sleep.

The Dreamer Collection Series of Organic Mattresses By Green Sleep.

 Organic Mattresses Made Simple With Uncompromising Quality

Dreamer Collection of  organic sleep systems by Green Sleep is now available at The Mattress & Sleep Company  . This value-oriented collection of organic mattresses and sleep systems in meant to provide customers the opportunity to sleep on a mattress free of chemical flame retardants without compromising the purity and quality of the product they are purchasing.

All covers from the Dreamer Collection are crafted from certified organic cotton jersey, linen and are channel quilted to pure wool from Texel Island off the coast of the Netherlands. The Pure Support is partnered with an S-55 foundation which consists of solid wood slats cover in organic cotton and pure texel wool. For additional comfort, contouring, alignment, and pressure relief consider partnering any Dreamer Collection with either an S-200 or S-300 ergonomic suspension base with solid wooden legs. This mattress is also suitable for any solid platform or slatted bed frame given that the slats are not bowed and are consistently placed only two inches apart from each other. For more detailed specifications on the Pure Support or any other organic mattress model we feature please feel free to contact us directly or visit the organic mattresses section on our website. As is with all of our organic mattresses we offer free shipping to most locations across Canada.

Dreamer Collection Pure Support 6″ 

The Pure Support is a simple design that offers a medium-firm to firm feeling supportive sleep surface for each individual. It is important to note that the Dreamer Collection does not offer any customization options. The core is comprised of two 3″ medium natural rubber cores.

Dreamer Collection Pure Comfort 8″

The Pure Comfort is the next design in the Dreamer Collection by Green Sleep that offers a supportive sleep surface with increased comfort and pressure relief by adding an additional 2″ of soft natural rubber to the base layer of two 3″ layers of medium natural rubber. This subtle addition provides increased comfort and pressure relief to the top of the mattress especially for those wishing for a little softer when compared to the Pure Support.

Dreamer Collection Pure Sleep 9″

The Pure Sleep is the most cradling of the entire Dreamer Collection to date. There are 4 layers of natural rubber which provide consistent support, contouring to the natural shape of your body, and increased pressure relief when compared to the Pure Comfort. This model features 2″ firm on the bottom, 3″ medium, and two 2″ soft natural rubber layers on top. This model provides the best in both quality of materials, comfort, pressure relief, proper alignment, and of course value in the new Dreamer Collection!






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