Would you buy a used mattress?

Would You Buy A Used Mattress? Probably not. Which is why today, The Mattress & Sleep Company is taking a bold step in eliminating the Comfort Trial on the mattresses we sell here in Canada.

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes it is important to assure our customers that the product they receive from us is brand new, and has never been used.

Over the years we have received feedback from our customers on this subject and the trend we’ve noticed is that the number of customers concerned about buying a used mattress or bedding product has become rather significant. It is with this feedback that we have decided to no longer accept returns on any used mattress or bedding product.

First and foremost, regardless of where you buy your mattress, you should take your time. Don’t let the store rush you through the process. If you’re unsure, then it’s not time to buy.

Knowing that we would be phasing out returns on used mattresses, the past year has been spent tirelessly working to introduce as many customizable mattress models as possible. We’re pleased to say that 75% of our most popular mattress models may be ordered in several comfort choices, and may even be changed down the road. A customizable mattress has the highest possible chance of success.

Our experiences have brought us an alarming number of customers who come in every single day and explain how their current mattress is not very old, often 3-5 years and in many cases as little as six to twelve months. These are
folks who have had a poor quality experience and are not sleeping well. Presumably the store they purchased from likely had a trial period. The challenge is that most people are very satisfied with <i>any</i> new mattress for the first few months
as just about any new mattress would be an improvement over a worn out old mattress.

We are transcending the comfort trial by offering the largest selection of customizable mattresses which can be altered not only during the initial 60 or 90 days, but at any time during ownership over the 10 or more years that
a quality mattress is still capable of lasting. Genuine comfort and support issues come up later in ownership, seldom do they pop up during the initial 60 or 90 days. We’re not here to keep you happy for a few months and then say “good luck!” – we’re
here for the long haul.

When a customizable mattress isn’t quite working, the scientific approach is available to us. Now it’s merely a case of listening to your concerns and devising a plan of action—a plan which has the highest chance of success.

Why we decided to stop accepting returns on used products.

  • Our customers have told us they do not want to buy a used mattress or bedding item.
  • More and more people suffer from allergies and various environmental sensitivities, and the risk of someone in this situation receiving a used mattress is one we cannot take.
  • Bed bugs are becoming common place and neither of us wants to go through the ordeal of eradicating them.
  • Dust mites, skin cells, hair, and much more that we shall not even mention.
  • In the 7 year history of our company, we have exchanged exactly 18 mattresses for comfort reasons; a little more than 2 per year. When you consider that we sell mattresses not only in store, but online across North America, this exchange rate is nothing short of incredible.
  • Of the various mattresses we have exchanged over the years, approximately half are from brands we no longer work with.
  • All mattress stores charge (at minimum) for the cost of delivery of the new mattress and return of the old mattress. These fees are from $100 to $300 and do not include potential restocking fees. Since a new comfort layer in our custom beds is only $250 to $365, we feel you’re receiving better value-for-money as you’re spending about the same amount, plus you’re keeping the “old” product. Not to mention far less hassle than having to wait for a delivery service, and the significant disruption that accompanies the mattress delivery process.

How our customizable mattresses work.

  • First, you and your sleeping partner will select your comfort choice(s) with our advice, expertise and guidance.
  • Then, we’ll have your mattress made and delivered.
  • You’ll sleep on your new mattress for at least 3 or 4 weeks to obtain a good general understanding of how you’re sleeping. If you’re sleeping well, we’re all set.
  • If not, we’ll set up a time for you to come back into the store (or we’ll use phone/email/live chat when a visit isn’t possible). We will listen to your concerns and we’ll develop a course of action.
    • In many cases you may simply re-arrange the components in your customizable mattress, transforming the comfort on the spot.
    • If we’re changing a layer in your customizable mattress, we subsidize the cost of the replacement layer during the first 90 days of ownership. The cost varies depending on the product although generally speaking would fall in a range of $250 to $365.
    • If you need a topper, we have special rates available for comfort-related situations.*

We’re here to genuinely help.

We will not take back a used mattress or bedding product, but that doesn’t mean we won’t help. Quite the contrary! By freeing up our resources in this area, we’re better equipped to help solve a problem in more creative ways—ways which dive deeper into the problem, which better equips us to understand the challenge in a more complete way. We’ve learned over the years that every situation is different and that an open mind is important when working through any sort of a comfort-related concern.

Is your new mattress or pillow actually “new?”

Bedding products are some of the only intimate use products in Canada that can be returned after being used. What’s worse is that the Government of Canada has absolutely zero legal requirements regarding the sale of used mattresses. This means the mattress retailer is under absolutely no obligation to disclose to you if the mattress they’re delivering is new or used.

If they’re not re-selling your used mattress to someone else, why do stores demand the purchase of a mattress pad to validate a comfort trial?

Even if the law label is still attached and says “Contains New Material Only” – this only talks about the state of manufacture and not the state of sale.

Furthermore, most charitable organizations will not even accept a used mattress out of the growing concerns of bed bugs or other health risks.

* – Special rates are available up to 90 days from the date of delivery on any mattress purchased from us. Topper(s) must be equal to the size of the mattress purchased. For example, a queen topper on a queen mattress or two half queen toppers on a queen mattress.


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