Sleeping Hot – Part Two


Micro Modal will can reduce the chances of sleeping hot in our beds.

Micro Modal is an airy and highly breathable bedding that will help reduce the chances of sleeping hot in our beds.

Sleeping hot in bed? In part two of The Mattress & Sleep Company’s  two part series about sleeping hot we talk about the solutions to reducing heat retention in your sleep environment. How choosing the correct bedding, mattress, and protector can go a long way in achieving a quality night’s sleep.


Mattress Protectors

Waterproof mattress pad protectors are one the biggest culprits in causing heat retention and making you sleep hot in your bed. The purpose of a mattress pad is to protect your mattress from moisture as not mattress should ever get wet. A mattress protector should basically do 3 things properly absorb moisture, breathe, and resist dust mites (Only needed when your mattress does not naturally do this). Our wool mattress and moisture pads from St. Geneve and Natura provide excellent temperature regulation and breathe extremely well.



Generally conventional mattresses do not regulate temperature well because they cannot properly absorb moisture in anyway. If you are still sleeping hot even after changing your mattress protector the wise choice would be to take a look at either a natural fiber hybrid combined with coils or even a natural rubber mattress quilted to natural/organic raw materials. Both Green Sleep and Sleeptek manufacture quality mattresses that breathe exceptionally well and regulate body temperature effectively. A breathable foundation will also aid in reducing heat and moisture build up in your sleep environment.


Pillows and Bedding

The correct type of bedding for your particular can have a significant impact on the amount of heat temperature build up in your sleep environment.  Genuine long fiber linen is the best type of bedding for regulating body temperature as it absorbs up to 20% of its own weight in moist before feeling damp.  Even the highest quality of cotton bedding like Giza 70 (ELS) only absorbs up to 8% moisture which can be adequate depending on the type of mattress and protector you currently employ. Micro Modal is another type of bedding that is airy and highly more breathable than cotton, although it does not absorb moisture as effectively as linen this soft silky bedding crafted from the beech-wood tree does keep you cool while you sleep effectively. Both high quality goose down and wool pillows are highly effective at reducing heat by absorbing moisture well while regulating body temperature. St Geneve’s Lajord pillow is a washable, comfortable and luxurious down pillow available in soft, medium, and firm densities. The Euro Organic wool by Sleeptek offer self adjustable wool pillows that can be customized for each individual.























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