Benefits Of Linen Bedding


“The University of Cambridge determined that linen is the most appropriate material for sheeting for physical as well as psychological well-being.”


The Linen Bedding Experience

Moon Collection of Linen by Celso De Lemos



The Benefits Of Linen Bedding

There are many types of quality bedding available to improve the quality of your sleep experience but only Linen truly meets all the criteria for comfort, longevity, and sleep health benefits. Quality linen bedding effectively regulates body temperature by absorbing moisture more effectively than cotton, silk, and modal. Quality long fiber linen will feel soft,light, and airy.


Linen Bedding Quality

The quality factor with linen can be just as significant as other textiles like cotton, modal, and silk. There are generally two types of fibres resulting from a single crop. Two thirds will consist of long line fibres while the remainder are tow fibres. Line fibers are between 24″ to 36″ in length while tow fibres can be anywhere from 4″ to 6″ in length. Higher quality linen bedding will always be significantly higher in price due to the  demand, the difficulty to handle and mill the fibres into a finished fabric. Although tow fibers have been know to be made into bedding the finished product is neither soft or as strong as its counterpart line linen. Cheaper linen sheets will even feel coarse after laundering when in theory quality linen bedding should only get softer the more you wash it.

Our Linen Bedding Collections

The Mattress & Sleep Company features some of the finest Belgian linen woven in Italy and Portugal from quality companies St. Geneve and Celso de Lemos. The Arisa linen bedding collection is generally stocked in queen and king size at both our Calgary & Edmonton showrooms in Sand color. Other colors and collections can be ordered via our online web store, contact one of our friendly sleep consultants, or if possible visit one of our transparent friendly showrooms.



The Lino Collection of Linen by St. Geneve.

The Lino Collection of Linen by St. Geneve.








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