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The Gift Of sleep

The Salzburg Duvet is luxuriously soft and light.


What could be a better luxury gift  for our friends and family this holiday season then the gift of a better night’s sleep. The strength of our company has always been the unique perspective and opinions of our team members along with everyone’s passion for sleep from our founder to our warehouse staff. Everyone here at The Mattress & Sleep Company thought with the spirit of giving we would share some great gift ideas this holiday season and why we truly believe in them so strongly. From our families to yours have a happy a safe holiday season!


Capri Bedding by Ruthann, Edmonton Store

I really love the Capri sheets as  I’m an artist and I love the colours. My bed has three Capri colours mixed and is a delight to look at daily.I chose these colours according to the paint and drape colours in my bedroom. I have the Carmine in my Duvet, the Eggplant in my sheets and the Carmine Butternut and Sunflower in a mix for my pillow cases. My bed is exciting and colourful to view, I love it. That being said I also have an Allegro white set on a guest bed in the basement,when I have guests they always come up and ask me, “Where did you get those sheets they are so nice”? St. Geneve just makes different bedding and it is a pure pleasure to sleep on and own. Luxury at it’s finest.

Shredded Natural Rubber Pillows by Corey, Edmonton Store

I sleep with our Euro Shredded Rubber pillows from Sleeptek the makers of Obasan. The best feature about this pillow is the customization where each individual sleeper can either remove or add fill to suit his or her needs. The other shredded rubber pillows I love to show to people is the Green Sleep Ergo 6500 pillow. This shredded pillows offers similar features to my Sleeptek counterpart but features a beautiful organic cotton sateen cover with pure texel wool quilted to it for temperature regulation. The added bonus with the Ergo 6500 is it comes with a complimentary bag of shredded rubber to add to your pillow to ensure the support and longevity of your pillow.

Linen Bedding by Daniel,  Edmonton Store

My favourite product to show to people are bed sheets made out of real linen (flax) from St. Geneve & Celso de Lemos. It is rare for people to find good quality linen sheets, and yet they are so highly functional.  The University of Cambridge determined that linen is the most appropriate material for sheeting for physical as well as psychological well-being. In an industry that is sometimes filled with marketing this is a product that is actually proven to help people sleep better.

Ziegler Goose Down Duvets by Tony, Calgary Store

Ziegler down duvets are one of my favourite product to show to our customers for many reasons. I have sold natural/organic mattresses and bedding for many years and the one challenge with many of my customers was needing weight in order to ensure warmth during the colder months of the year. Wool is a perfect example of this you would often need one duvet for summer and one for fall and winter with the problem being that for some an all season or fall duvet often felt heavy against your body causing you to get too hot or perspire. The Ziegler duvet has a German 100% cotton shell which is dust mite/down proof ensuring your protection against allergens and the temperature balance of your sleep environment. To further the commitment to ensure a hypoallergenic product the down is properly washed and sanitized along with a cotton shell that is certified by Confidence in Textiles to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard ensuring that the cotton used is free of harmful substances. In the end customers tell us they love to sleep with this duvet because it literally floats on their body while never being too hot and always keeping them warm during the winter months.

Salzburg Duvets by Dylan, Calgary Store

I have so many favourite products, but at the top of the list is easily my St. Geneve Salzburg duvet. I’ve owned so many duvets over the years, made from every material imaginable. Nothing has been as light and comfortable, and nothing has worked year-round. We use a summer weight version here in Calgary, all year round and it is glorious.

In fact, my wife and I have enjoyed our Salzburg duvet so much that we even have one in the spare room and we’re surprised at the number of positive comments that we receive from guests.



The Gift Of Sleeping better with Linen.

“The University of Cambridge determined that linen is the most appropriate material for sheeting for physical as well as psychological well-being.”



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