About Wesley Allen Hand Painted Finishes

This is a topic we’ve wanted to write about for a long time actually, and today we were reminded by a post on our Facebook page. The common questions are regarding the quality of the painted finish on Wesley Allen iron beds, and of course also the accuracy of the colours on a computer display. These are two separate questions so we’ll dive into one at a time!

Paint Quality

Simply stated, Wesley Allen paint quality is fantastic. The paint finish is called PowerBond™ and it is a powder paint process specifically prepared for each individual piece. The paint is electro statically applied by an expert colourist and then baked in a special oven at extremely high temperatures.

Most custom finishes involve around 6-10 paint stages, while most standard finishes are 4-8 paint stages.

Our family have been selling Wesley Allen beds since 1992 and in the 22 years that we’ve carried these beds, we’ve never yet had a complaint about paint wear.

Colour Accuracy

This is where things become a little bit less black and white, no pun intended! There are two critical factors to remember when determining colour accuracy:

  1. 95% of computer displays are not calibrated to produce accurate colours. While the screen I’m writing on has been calibrated (to ensure accuracy when we work within Adobe Photoshop, for example) – yours may not be. This creates a lot of issues in terms of colour accuracy.
  2. Most Wesley Allen finishes vary from one to the next. Differences in dye lots, climate and even the uniqueness of the artisan’s hand application, all factor in to create variances from one bed to the next.

Certain standard finishes do not really vary. For example, the following finishes tend to look nearly 100% the same every time:

  • Antique White
  • Barn Red
  • Black Suede
  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Natural Rust
  • White

This variance in paint is actually what most folks like about Wesley Allen. The idea that their bed doesn’t look like the next persons bed, is actually a very appealing factor and also a testament to the true hand-made, hand-painted philosophy. A very different experience from mass production.

Paint Swatches

Wesley Allen used to provide painted metal swatches 15 or 20 years ago. This practice was actually halted as it caused more problems than it solved. Due to the simple fact that most of their paint finishes vary from one bed to the next, the swatches were of very little use.

Final Words

We often find that even when you’re able to visit one of our mattress stores in person and sample the quality of these wonderful iron beds, it’s still not quite enough to know exactly how a particular bed will look in a particular finish. While this is a scenario which may worry some individuals, we do find that it’s the very thing which makes these beds desirable. The bed may not always look exactly as you envision in your mind, although rest assured the final result is always very pleasing!


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