St. Geneve Fabric Availability Update

A quick update on backordered St. Geneve fabrics as of June 20, 2014. Please keep in mind this information changes all the time, and as such the information contained here shouldn’t likely be considered accurate after the first week of July 2014.

The following fabrics are not in stock at the moment and are all set to arrive in early July, 2014.

  • Capri Midnight
  • Capri Grey (The Mattress & Sleep Company has limited in-stock Grey in queen and king sheet sets)
  • Capri Sand
  • Capri Suede (TMASC has limited in-stock Suede in queen and king sheet sets)
  • Capri Soot
  • Capri Driftwood
  • Capri Peach
  • Symphony Petals Cream
  • Umbria Linen Solid Cream/Vintage Linen Solid Cream
  • Puccini Cream
  • Imperial Hotel

Kingston square fabric is also now officially discontinued (this particular fabric was from 2009, so it’s had a good run!).


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