Is an adjustable bed right for you?

s-cape-signatureWhen considering an adjustable bed, how do you know if it is right for you? What are the benefits of an adjustable bed? Can’t I get the same result just putting two pillows behind my head and save hundreds of dollars? These are all common questions and thoughts that you can have when waking up with back pain and raccoon eyes.

Common myths adjustable beds have are that they are hospital beds or only meant for the sick or elderly. This is simply not true. People of all ages can benefit from an adjustable. But how do you know if it is right for you?

The best part of any adjustable base is the zero gravity position. Raising the head and the feet just slightly will take pressure off the lower back and help with many of respiratory issues such as sleep apnea, etc.

Simply trying out a base in the showroom in the zero gravity position for a few minutes, and then laying on the same mattress in the flat position can give you an abundance of information. Do you all of a sudden feel lower back pressure when the base is lowered? This is a clue that maybe an adjustable is right for you. These bases can start from $1320 for a Twin XL Ergomotion E4 and go up from there. Since a king size always has two bases with two motors it will always be a jump up in price from a queen which just has one motor. A split king adjustable is an investment for sure, but if you go with a high quality base such as the Ergomotion E6 and a natural rubber mattress such as the Sleeptek Euro IV than it is something you will have for many years to come. Try the Zero G today and you may never go back to sleeping ‘flat’ again!