Building Your Bed from the Foundation Up

Vispring Divan

You can buy the best mattress in the world, but if it’s placed on the wrong foundation, you’re basically throwing your money away. You wouldn’t build a house on a rickety, crumbling foundation, so why is it that every day we see mattresses on foundations that are inadequate, sagging and worn out? In order to understand the importance of a good foundation, we first need to explore the problem.

Mattress Weight

Your average mattress from mainstream retailers is generally extremely light in comparison to the higher quality brands such as Green Sleep and Vispring. Polyurethane foam dominates the mattress industry and when you are putting a light mattress on a box spring, manufacturers can get away with pairing these mattresses with a poor quality base.

Mainstream Box Spring Materials

Your average box spring is made of particle board. They can look very attractive with finished fabric edging, etc. but the fact is that these box springs are simply not adequate when you are putting a heavier mattress on them. They can dip and bend, causing lower back pain. Another big offender is platform style beds. They are very popular for the look and style, but a lot of retailers are cutting corners when it comes to the support systems. The frames with a metal border and plywood bowed slats are the worst. Those slats bend and flex like crazy, causing the same hammocking effect as a poor quality box spring. In terms of retail pricing, these products are usually not cheap, and it can be difficult for the average person to distinguish quality and supportiveness. But that is why we are here – to educate consumers for the long term and ensure that your sleep setup gives you the best support possible.

Foundations we would Recommend: 

An Electric Base:  The Ergomotion E6+ is a great option as an adjustable base that allows you to raise the head and feet at the push of a button. The ‘Zero Gravity’ position helps alleviate back pain, increase circulation, help with sleep apnea and a host of other issues.

An Ergonomic Foundation: The Berkeley Ergonomics Suspension Foundation is a German manufactured base that bends and flexes to contour to your body and allow maximum support and pressure relief where you need it. You can even adjust the tension on the slats to customize it for your needs!

A solid wood slatted base: The Berkeley Ergonomics Standard Foundation is extremely supportive and it can hold even the heaviest of mattresses while still allowing air flow for cool sleeping.