Luxury Blanket Guide

Just like anything, the quality of a blanket can range drastically, depending on the materials and manufacturing process. Brun de Vian-Tiran manufacturers the most amazing throws and blankets. They even invented the Mohair Blanket over 50 years ago. Here is a list of our top 5 Must-Have Brun de Vian-Tiran luxury blankets:

  1. Camargue Blanket – The Mérinos d’Arles Antiques®, the finest wool of Europe, gives the opportunity to weave warm, soft and downy blankets for winter nights and mid-season. Available in a variety of double-sided colours.
  2. Sherpa Blanket – This Merino wool and Cashmere blend is unlike anything you’ve ever felt! Extremely soft and warm for winter this blanket is one for the keeping.
  3. Khokan Blanket – This exotic Camel Hair blanket has rich hues that add spice to any room. Super soft and cozy!
  4. Baby Alpaca 85 Blanket – Ultra soft and cozy! The texture is so unique you will never want to wrap yourself in anything else!
  5. Nuage Blanket – This lovely summer blanket is crafted from 100% merino sheep’s wool and is available in a range of designer colours.

About Brun de Vian-Tiran

Brun de Vian-Tiran, the leading French manufacturer of natural blankets, has been preserving its know-how over two centuries in an uninterrupted family tradition.

Brun de Vian-Tiran offers a complete range of blankets, throws and accessories, as well as quilts and mattress pads, for all seasons and all styles.

All blankets crafted by this incomparable manufacturer include the “Textile de France” certificate. This means that each blanket is fully made in France: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. This is very different from an item being labelled as “Made in France.” This label means such a product could be finished in France, but with fabrics which were imported from elsewhere.

A wide variety of Brun de Vian-Tiran blankets are now on display and stocked in our Calgary and Edmonton stores, while also being available for purchase online. Delivery is available to Canada, the USA and select other countries.