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Made in China

Made in China

Made in China

Made in China. A statement that many read with unease. Ourselves included! If you’re familiar with us, you know The Mattress & Sleep Company offers a considerable selection of high-end bedding, mattresses and furniture from Canada, the USA, UK, Austria, France and Germany. In fact, our entire reputation is built on the ethos of our product sourcing standards.

It is this very ethos that led us to China.

Although it may be difficult to believe, there are some absolutely amazing products coming out of China today. Their manufacturing base continues to rapidly improve and in many manufacturing sectors, they can lay claim to advanced processes and best practices which are not equaled elsewhere.

In September of 2018, I personally visited our partner’s at MLILY (and their parent company, Healthcare Co. Ltd.). They were gracious enough to host a group of us from Canada, and they toured us through over 1 million square metres of their manufacturing facilities.

Our day started at their main factory and global headquarters in Rugao.

MLILY Mattress Factory

Canadian Patent

MLILY Canadian Patent
I should have taken a photo of their patent wall, it was truly amazing.

Factory Tour

Perhaps a better title would be factory tours. Production is split between two different locations. The scale and size of operations is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. In my 21 years of the bedding industry, I have never been in a factory complex any where near this size.

Foam Mattress Block
Foam blocks, fresh out of production. These blocks are impossibly long. The foam rests for a couple of days to fully cure before moving on to processing.

Foam is strictly tested for quality. Any batches that do not meet quality standards are rejected.

Quality Control

Each country has an assigned MLILY team member dedicated to quality control. For example, all Canadian mattresses are inspected by one individual who is familiar with our market and our requirements regarding product consistency, sizing, safety, etc.

This individual has the latitude to reject entire production runs if they determine there are any issues with the production batch destined for their country of responsibility.

Foam Cutting

Healthcare Co. Ltd. Foam Cutting Machine
The founder of Healthcare Co. Ltd., which is the parent company of MLILY, started out by producing amazing machinery for other foam producers. These state-of-the-art machines are found all over the world.

The impossibly long foam blocks are sent through machines such as this one, which cut the foam into the correct sizing for use within mattresses.

Pillow Production

MLILY Pillow Production
The pillow production area is massive. At any given time, thousands of pillows are on the move through this building.

Pillow production is incredible to see. I am not able to share photography of the machinery which makes the pillows, but I was able to at least show the pillows on their drying racks moving through the facility. The pillows move on these platforms for approximately 2 days, allowing them to fully cure during this time.

Customizing Sleep

MLILY Foam Samples
Various high-resiliency foams, memory foams, gel, bamboo and other creations on hand.

I wish I could share more photos of our factory tour, but alas, much of what we saw was proprietary. They toured us through their R&D lab, which is only accessible by a small team of individuals. Within this lab, Healthcare Co. Ltd. carries out strictly controlled tests:

  • Flammability testing
  • Testing sub-suppliers raw materials to confirm their ingredients are as requested and as stated. This is to ensure the chemical content of any materials used in mattresses and pillows is safe and accurately disclosed to consumers.
  • If any raw materials are found to be outside of compliance, they are rejected.
  • Durability testing (exposing foams and finished mattresses/pillows to considerable abuse. This is the first lab I’ve been in where humidity is factored into the wear of foam. This is key because without humidity, foam doesn’t generally break down in a significant way. The result is that MLILY/Healthcare Co. Ltd. are able to make very qualified claims of the durability of their foams.

Truly Incredible

MLILY does an outstanding job of delivering a high-quality, high-consistency product that rivals any other foam mattress on the market today.

We chose to work exclusively with MLILY for all of our memory foam styled mattresses. They are able to deliver a genuine quality mattress at a much more reasonable cost than virtually any of their contemporaries.

In fact, it was this process which made us realize that North American memory foam beds are simply overpriced. At the end of it, these are all polyurethane foams and whether they are manufactured in China or the USA, the chemical constituency is the same.

The only difference is economy of scale, and MLILY has this in spades.

The Mattress & Sleep Company is committed to sourcing the very best products from all around the world. We’re also committed to ensuring our products are of exceptional value, regardless of price point. Every item in our stores has to justify it’s cost. This is why we have MLILY mattresses at modest prices, and also high-end bespoke luxury mattresses which can price out at ten’s of thousands of dollars. Each serves a different purpose.