Compare Competitor Mattresses

Mattress comparison shopping is perhaps one of the most frustrating, least enjoyable shopping experiences. There are too many mattress sellers, too many models and of course, "exclusive" products just about everywhere. The goal of our mattress comparison section is to choose popular competing mattresses and to factually compare. While The Mattress & Sleep Company certainly has a reputation as a higher end store, we truly believe in offering the very best value-for-money; at virtually any price point.

We realize that we cannot fill every mattress order in Canada. We trust that this section of our website will be helpful in setting you on the path to selecting the right mattress, at the right price. If you do like our philosophy, we would love to work with you. We're a family business with two stores, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton. The Mattress & Sleep Company delivers to every Canadian province, every day.