Additional Delivery Services & Charges

Our network of professional delivery companies offer an array of additional services. Please note that not all services are available in all areas. Where possible we provide cost estimates for these services.

Mattress & Foundation Removal

This service is a flat $50 fee, in all areas where removal is available. In general, we'll remove one bed for each new bed we're delivering. If you're not sure what we might take away, please check with us before arranging delivery.

Delivery Window

Our Calgary delivery service will work with you to set up a 3 hour delivery window, while our Edmonton service offers a 2 hour window. The only reason for the difference is the physical size of Calgary, which makes travel times longer, on average, than they are in Edmonton.

Extra Labour

Will the work required on your new bedroom take more than the 15-30 minutes of most mattress deliveries? Most of our delivery companies are happy to stay and help longer. The cost varies although $100-120 per hour of labour is typical.

Delivery outside of Normal Business Hours

In some situations, delivery may be available outside of normal business hours. Expect the rate to be $40 to $80 for a special evening delivery, and many companies may only offer one day a week where this service is available. For our customers in Calgary & Edmonton, Saturday deliveries are a convenient alternative which is available at no additional cost.

Additional Charges

There are certain charges delivery companies may charge you in the event that something goes wrong which isn't caused at the result of an error of The Mattress & Sleep Company or our delivery companies.

Failed Delivery Attempt
Should you not be home during the delivery window, the delivery service may charge you to attempt a second delivery. The typical cost of this second attempt is anywhere from $75 to $125. Please be sure that you're able to be home during the entire delivery window, unless you have made special arrangements with The Mattress & Sleep Company or our delivery companies.

Return Shipment
If there is an item we attempt to deliver which will not fit in your home, the only option may be to have this item returned to The Mattress & Sleep Company in Calgary or Edmonton. Normally the charge for this return service is anywhere from $20 to $100 plus the cost of return freight. This return shipment charge can be very expensive so we ask that you please carefully measure to ensure everything you have ordered will indeed fit. We do our very best to provide all of the measurements required to ensure fitment in your home.

Stair Carries
If your home includes more than 2 flights of stairs (not including an outside porch with 2-3 steps), the delivery company may charge $15 to $35 per additional flight of stairs.

Storage Fees
Most delivery and freight companies impose storage fees if an order sits in their warehouse too long. Please be sure to indicate your delivery date requirements at the time of order to ensure we're able to plan ahead and avoid a situation where your order arrives too early.