Double/Full (53 x 74") Adjustable Beds

A standard-length double/full adjustable bed measures approximately 53 x 74" and is considered an uncommon size for electric beds. This is due to the fact that as you elevate the head and foot portions of an adjustable bed, you are effectively shortening the bed. Even those of modest height often find their feet will hang off the end of a standard twin adjustable bed. It is for these reasons that we strongly recommend a Queen (60 x 80") electric bed. Queen is a widely-available, common adjustable bed configuration. You'll benefit from larger selection, lower prices and timely delivery.

Double adjustable beds are designed for one sleeper, although a couple may share this size if they're okay with being extra-cozy. Just keep in mind, you'll share one remote.

Our expert team members at our stores in Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park will spend the time with you to find the perfect adjustable bed for your needs.

Double Electric Bed

Full Adjustable Bed

Double Lifestyle Bed

Double/Full (53 x 74") Adjustable Bed

Double/Full (53 x 74") Adjustable Bed

Priced from $1699.00 CAD