Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Ergomotion is a global sleep technology company that has become the leader in bringing beauty and function to living spaces around the world. Ergomotion help people live better lives, power the adjustable bed industry, and are the world’s largest privately-held sleep technology company. It is Ergomotion’s mission to create functionally beautiful living experiences. Ergomotion’s home office is located on the “Tech Coast” in Santa Barbara, California, USA., with offices world-wide.

  • Ergomotion adjustable beds integrate easily into most any bed frame which would normally use a box spring
  • Display models and friendly advice at our stores in Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park
  • Complimentary deluxe in-home setup in the Calgary & Edmonton areas

Ergomotion Hospital Bed

Ergomotion Adjustable

Ergomotion E4+ Adjustable Bed

Ergomotion E4+ Adjustable Bed

Priced from $1449.00 CAD

Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed

Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed BEST SELLER

Priced from $2049.00 CAD

Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed

Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed BEST SELLER

Priced from $2899.00 CAD

Ergomotion E6 & E6+ Adjustable Beds

Ergomotion E6 & E6+ Adjustable Beds

Priced from $2099.00 CAD