King (76 x 80") Adjustable Beds

A king adjustable bed measures approximately 76 x 80" and is a somewhat common size for electric beds that is readily-available. This configuration is designed to use a traditional one-piece king mattress atop a unique electric base which starts out as two pieces (a head portion, and a foot portion), which are then bolted together to form a giant 76 x 80" platform for the mattress. A king adjustable bed represents the lowest cost per square inch of space.

Although this size is readily-available, Split King adjustable beds are considerably more-common and have a wider variety of selection.

If a couple is sharing a king adjustable bed, please keep in mind you'll be sharing one remote to control the bed. Consider a Split King or Split California King should you wish to have two separate mattresses with individual remote controls.

Our expert team members at our stores in Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park will spend the time with you to find the perfect adjustable bed for your needs.

King Electric Bed

King Adjustable Bed

King Lifestyle Bed

Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed

Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed BEST SELLER

Priced from $2049.00 CAD

Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed

Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed BEST SELLER

Priced from $2899.00 CAD