Latex Pillows

Looking for a latex pillow Canada? When shopping for a latex pillow it is important to know about the two types of latex foam available. Natural latex is made from rubber tree milk, while synthetic latex is made from a small amount of rubber tree milk blended with two chemicals called Styrene and Butadiene. There are no rubber trees in North America so it is far more economical to make synthetic latex. The tricky part is that nearly all latex pillows in Canada are incorrectly referred to as natural, even though the vast majority are synthetically blended. The Mattress & Sleep Company clearly discloses whether our products are 100% natural, synthetic or blended.

Natura Latex Pillow Canada

Berkeley Ergonomic Contoured Latex Pillows

Obasan Organic Latex Pillows

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Natura Ultimate Latex Pillow

Natura Ultimate Latex Pillow BEST SELLER

$119.99 to $169.99 CAD

Natura Organic Latex Pillow

Natura Organic Latex Pillow

$149.99 to $219.99 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Danish Neck Pillow

Berkeley Ergonomics Danish Neck Pillow

Priced from $179.99 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Gümmi Pillow

Berkeley Ergonomics Gümmi Pillow BEST SELLER

$119.99 to $129.99 CAD

Obasan Shredded Rubber Pillow

Obasan Shredded Rubber Pillow

$89.00 to $189.00 CAD