Why We're Unique & How We're Different

We're Canada's luxury bedroom and European natural wood furniture specialist. The Mattress & Sleep Company is family owned and operated, with locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

We offer complimentary in-home delivery & setup on most larger orders to the Calgary & Edmonton metro areas, including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks and surrounding areas. Free truck or courier shipping is also available to just about anywhere across Canada. In fact, we deliver to every Canadian province, every day.

What we believe in.

Value-for-money - Regardless of budget, receiving the best value for money is extremely important. This is no different with luxury furniture and mattresses. Our carefully curated offerings are intended to deliver the highest satisfaction, quality, purity and aesthetics. In short, the very best value, period.

Certified Organic Mattresses - Our organic mattresses are Made in Canada by Sleeptek. All Sleeptek raw materials are 100% third-party certified organic, including organic rubber tree latex, organic cotton and organic sheep's wool.

Sleeptek have been hand crafting mattresses in Ottawa since 1985. While there are a variety of organic mattress brands available today, we genuinely believe Sleeptek have perfected the art of the purest, highest quality organic sleep system along with superior value for money. The fact that they're Canadian is a huge bonus.

Non-Toxic Solid Wood Furniture - We are the exclusive Canadian retailer of TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen. Crafting highly durable room interiors of solid natural European hardwoods, TEAM 7 are regarded as the finest furniture makers in the world. TEAM 7 source wood from their very own forests, and produce wooden boards at their company sawmill. They are the only furniture maker to be fully involved from sapling to finished product. Our selection includes dining, living, sleeping and kitchens.

Before, during and after the sale - We're not just interested in the bottom line. As a family owned and operated business, we know that when we meet the needs and expectations of our customers that our business will grow and prosper. Ultimately, because we're a small family business, referrals and repeat customers are the most significant ways in which we grow. We can only expect to receive referrals and repeat customers when our customers are genuinely happy with the quality of our products, service and expertise.

Natural Beds and Bedding - Berkeley Ergonomics of California are our go-to source for natural mattresses. American mattress makers benefit from lower manufacturing costs than their Canadian counterparts, which means an American-sourced value-oriented natural mattress is actually far better value for money than a Canadian equivalent would be. This is quite the opposite with organic goods, where Canadian suppliers easily have the decided advantage. Our Canadian-made organic mattresses and bedding are priced lower than their American counterparts.

So, the best of both worlds? The formula is simple. Made in Canada for high end luxury organic mattresses and bedding. Made in USA for value-oriented natural mattresses and bedding. This is the best approach. Our competition often do this backwards, which means they're charging too much on both ends of the spectrum, even though at first glance the price range for their beds might be similar to ours.

Electric Adjustable Beds - The variety of installation options we're able to offer our customers is unparalled. Our electric adjustable beds are available in traditional soft sided (stand-alone), fixed-frame (boxspring equivalent), and even European suspension slatted. What this means is that you can benefit from the lifestyle and medical benefits of an adjustable bed without having to sacrifice on the aesthetic style and comfort of your bed.

Where our offerings are the most unique are with a hand made Wesley Allen iron bed or with a TEAM 7 European platform bed. Each of these choices provide a level of sophistication and substance not normally afforded by the need for an adjustable bed. Imagine having a sleek European solid wood bed, but with a fully motorized head and foot lifting system and wireless remote. With The Mattress & Sleep Company, this is possible.

Luxury Bed & Bath - We've partnered with St Genève to offer some of the finest bed linens. St Genève source their fabrics from leading textile mills in Italy and Germany, where the fabrics are then cut and sewn to specification here in Canada. St Genève are also the Canadian distributor for de Lemos of Portugal. Known for their Abyss & Habidecor and Celso de Lemos lines of luxury bath and bedding, de Lemos are blazing the trail in creating one of the preeminent luxury home brands.

The correct solution - We're not doctors, and we'll never pretend to be so. We are however a group of individuals with a genuine interest in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We're all about learning and self improvement.

Through our decades of experience, we're well equipped to help find the correct solution for your needs. This includes offering sound advice on selecting the appropriate mattress for correct ergonomic support or even working with someone who has severe chemical or environmental sensitivities. Because we work with health practitioners and their patients, we gain invaluable experience which can then be incorporated into every facet of our business.

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Let's Get Started - Our Best Selling Products Store-Wide

Abyss Super Pile Towels - 60 Colours

Abyss Super Pile Towels - 60 Colours BEST SELLER

$26.95 to $219.95 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo PF Luxury Natural Mattress

Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo PF Luxury Natural Mattress

Priced from $2599.00 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Malmo Natural Mattress

Berkeley Ergonomics Malmo Natural Mattress

Priced from $1499.00 CAD

Ergomotion E6 & E6+ Adjustable Beds

Ergomotion E6 & E6+ Adjustable Beds

Priced from $2099.00 CAD

Sleeptek Yantra Kids Organic Mattress

Sleeptek Yantra Kids Organic Mattress CLEARANCE SPECIAL

Priced from $1099.00 CAD

Sleeptek Kama Flex Lift 10" Organic Mattress

Sleeptek Kama Flex Lift 10" Organic Mattress CLEARANCE SPECIAL

Priced from $2579.00 CAD

St Dormeir Fitted Mattress Protector by St Geneve

St Dormeir Fitted Mattress Protector by St Geneve

$138.00 to $252.00 CAD

St Geneve Capri Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets & Duvet Covers

St Geneve Capri Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets & Duvet Covers 100 COLOURS

Priced from $374.00 CAD

St Geneve Lajord Pillow

St Geneve Lajord Pillow BEST SELLER

Priced from $318.00 CAD

St Geneve Laroche Pillow

St Geneve Laroche Pillow BEST SELLER

Priced from $211.00 CAD

St Geneve Ziegler Duvet

St Geneve Ziegler Duvet

Priced from $866.00 CAD

Vispring Tiara Superb Mattress

Vispring Tiara Superb Mattress

Priced from $6925.00 CAD