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The Mattress & Sleep Company believes in focusing on high quality hand made mattresses and sleep systems. Our carefully selected partner brands include Berkeley Ergonomics (USA), Obasan (Canada) and Vispring (UK). Our mission is to provide deep, restorative sleep night-after-night, year-after-year.

Our mattresses are known to be:
Breathable | Durable | Supportive | Non-Toxic | Comfortable | Ergonomic | Natural | Sustainable | Healthy | Incredible!

With a typical mattress often being replaced in only 3-5 years, we feel more than ever that offering durable, ergonomic, breathable, pressure-relieving sleep sets is a welcome alternative to the standard mattress experience. A well made mattress is a long term investment and when crafted the right way with the right materials, should still provide at minimum 8 to 10 years of enjoyment.

Berkeley Ergonomic Mattresses

Our range of hand made natural pocket coil mattresses by Berkeley Ergonomics are crafted from high quality materials including European-made pocket coils, natural Talalay latex foam, organic wool, organic cotton and even camel hair. Accompanied by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification to be free of harmful substances, rest-assured you're sleeping on a healthy mattress.

Unlike standard pocket coil mattresses offered in Canada, our Berkeley Ergonomics range does not contain any synthetic polyurethane foams, thus solving the durability and heat issues which plague standard mattresses today.

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Vispring Luxury Beds Canada
Vi Spring Tiara Superb Mattress

Obasan Canada

The best bed is made from the best materials. Obasan have travelled all over the world to find the best organic materials, from Argentine wool, to Peruvian cotton, all the way to Sri Lanka for the best quality rubber. You’ll immediately understand why when you sleep on an Obasan mattress for the first time.

Wake up feeling revitalized, rested and ready to take on the day. That’s how you’ll feel when you sleep on a mattress that has been expertly tailored just for you. Obasan mattresses are customized from head to toe based on body type, predominant sleep position and stage of life for one or two sleepers. The result is optimal body support, perfect spine alignment and the absence of pressure points, allowing the body to let go and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

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MLILY Mattresses

MLILY brings decades of experience in the global mattress industry to Canada. Utilizing European design and innovation, Mlily mattresses and pillows are well positioned as premium products at extremely attractive pricing.

All MLILY mattresses and pillows are fully Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US certified. Designed in the UK, MLILY represent excellent value-for-money. The certificates actually ensure these mattresses are achieving a materials safety standard that actually exceeds the norm of most mass produced products in Canada or the USA.

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Hard Bed Canada

Hard Bed is a revolutionary solution in firm support sleeping. Manufactured in the largest, most consistent-quality mattress facility in the world, Hard Bed combines the newest sleep technologies with proven traditional craftsmanship. In fact, Hard Bed is one of the only fully reversible, two-sided mattresses available in Canada.

Everyone knows that mattresses used to last 15 or 20 years. What everyone forgets is that mattresses used to be flippable. This is why Hard Bed has returned to this style. Simply flip your Hard Bed (which will be easier to do after you've toughened-up your back), once every 6 months to maintain incredible support for years to come.

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