Memory Foam Mattresses

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers some of the finest quality high-performance hybrid memory foam mattresses in Canada. Designed in-house and made to our exacting specifications by Berkeley Ergonomics and Natura, these mattresses feature top quality non-heat sensitive memory foam which is more responsive than previous generation memory foams. Wrapped in zippered, removable cotton & wool covers, these mattresses are far more breathable and temperature regulating than standard memory foam mattresses. The result is simply a superior nights rest.

With a zippered design, the top layers of memory foam in our Berkeley & Natura mattresses are removable and replaceable, while the durable latex or pocket coil base layers will easily outlast the memory foam top layers.

High Performance European Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress Canada

Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Alternatively, for modest budgets, MLILY produce affordable, high-quality memory foam mattresses which compare favourably to mainstream memory foam options at just about any price.

For more information about Memory Foam please read our indepth About Polyurethane & Memory Foam page. -

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MLILY Harmony+ Mattress

MLILY Harmony+ Mattress

Priced From $439.00 CAD

MLILY Fusion+ Deluxe Mattress

MLILY Fusion+ Deluxe Mattress

Priced from $699.00 CAD